10 Best Animated Movies of All Time

Some people believe that animation movies are meant for teenagers only and others believed not to be taken seriously. But a number of the foremost emotional and well-written stories in history are animated and that they need to be treated with respect. The best animated movies of all time, just like the other best movies of all time, surrounded by enough of emotions: celebration, heartbreak, joy, grief, excitement, and anger. Animated movies have an extended history of popular cartoon characters, the more boring aspects of lifestyle, during a comedy or otherwise light-hearted film, to serious global and political issues during a drama. 

Animation may be a medium that lends itself to expand and diverse, often tear-jerking, story-telling. Box office smashes and sleeper hits alike structure the highest animated movies of all time. It’s about time to place some respect on animation and believe it outside the context of a humble cartoon.

Here are the 10 Best Animated Movies of All Time

  1. Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

    Spirited Away is one of the best animated movies of all time. If you’ve read any list about great movies, you’ve probably heard of Spirited Away albeit you haven’t seen it yourself. Another fantastic film from the mind of director Hayao Miyazaki, this is often the one that a lot of anime fans consider as their favorite cartoon character. Released in 2001, Spirited Away took home the coveted Best Animated Feature prize at the Academy Awards.

  2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    After years of various iterations of Spider-Man, it took an animated film to urge it perfect. Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse took the thought that anyone might be the wall-crawling superhero and ran with it. Featuring various versions of the character, including Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, and more.

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    This film’s success went beyond the plot. It featured a stunning animation style that felt love it was lifted right out of the magazine. Add in uplifting scenes, an impressive soundtrack, respect for the source material, and an unbelievably strong voice cast and you have got something special. No other Spider-Man film even comes close.

  3. The Lion King

    The Lion King

    The Lion King again is the best-animated movie of all time. There’s a reason The Lion King is held in such high regard. The 1994 film stands as an all-time classic because it’s beautifully animated, tells an incredible story, and hits all the emotional beats you would like from a movie like this. Simba and his sidekicks get a fun story that features a combination of uplifting and heartbreaking moments sprinkled in.

    The Lion King is quite just a movie. it’s become a cultural phenomenon that spawned several sequels, television series, and a blockbuster Broadway show. It also holds the record because of the highest-selling VHS home video in history. The 2019 remake features a lot to measure up to because the first may be a classic.

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  4. Grave of The Fireflies

    Grave of The Fireflies

    We stay in Japan for this next entrant, but we go all the way back to 1988. Grave of the Fireflies has supported a 1967 semi-autobiographical story. it isn’t often that a tale about war is becoming an animated movie, but this film did it spectacularly. It focused on two siblings who struggled to survive the ultimate few months of the Second war.

  5. Your Name

    Your Name

    Another recent entry to the list, Your Name hit theatres back in 2016. it had been a critically acclaimed Japanese fantasy animated film, giving the country another feather in its cap when it involves this genre. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is a few boys and girls in high school who swap bodies.

    That premise may sound like something we’ve heard before, as body-swapping isn’t uncommon in cinema history. However, none have done it quite also. Your Name received widespread praise for its visual style and for the emotional weight the story carries.

  6. Coco


    The string of Pixar films continues. This 2017 release marked another impressive achievement for the successful studio. it had been also a change for them. rather than telling a story about cars, bugs, or toys, this one focused on a young kid who was transported to the land of the dead during the Day of the Dead.

    With stellar music that won an Oscar for Best Original Song and lovely visuals, Coco was another huge hit for Pixar. It also took home Best Animated Film and sent audiences on another highly emotional journey. If you are not crying by the time “Remember Me” plays at the top, you’ll not have a heart.

  7. WALL-E


    Pixar strikes again with this 2008 release. WALL-E is a stimulating tale because it barely has any dialogue. That’s not something you discover during a lot of films directed at children. Instead, it focuses on visual storytelling and it hits on every aspect to deliver a touching story.

    The plot centered around the trash compacting robot on an uninhabitable Earth who falls crazy with a sleek robot and that they travel across the galaxy, ultimately saving mankind. That romantic aspect is what drove this story. Fans were captivated by the love of two robots during a way that hasn’t been matched on screen again. WALL-E also took home the simplest Animated Film Academy Award.

  8. Princess Mononoke 

    Princess Mononoke

    In 1997, Princess Mononoke took Japan by storm. For several years, it held the record for domestic box office performance in Japan. The film was directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, who is someone you’ll hear about again on this list. Princess Mononoke signaled a more adult-focused version of his style that set the tone for his best work.

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    Princess Mononoke told the story of a young Emishi prince named Ashitaka and his place during a struggle between humans and forest gods over the consumption of resources. The film is as visually breathtaking because it is groundbreaking. Miyazaki nailed the person vs. nature story trope better than anyone else.

  9. Toy Story

    Toy Story

    In addition to opening the door for other classic movies from Pixar (such because the Incredibles and Monster’s Inc.), Toy Story’s witty script and groundbreaking images prompted many critics to call it the best-animated movie ever made. And not without reason—27 animators worked diligently on the film, illustrating every detail, right down to each blade of grass, to inform the story of the misadventures of two lost toys trying to seek out their way home. However, Toy Story is a perfect combination of childhood, nostalgia, wonder, and adult mist humor. There was even more cause for concern this point around due to how well the previous film bound up the story. Somehow, the filmmakers at Pixar managed to tug at our heartstrings another time with another goodbye.

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    Once again, the animation improved by leaps and bounds, while the plot hit us right within the feels.

  10. Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo

    Pixar studios have a number of the simplest storytellers on their team, and every film they produce can tug your heartstrings even as very much like it can cause you to laugh like you’re six again. Centered around a story of affection, courage, and determination, Finding Nemo sends viewers through the ocean to bring a family back together. including hilarious funny cartoons, stellar animation, and a catchy soundtrack, Finding Nemo remains as popular today because it was during its initial release 16 years ago.

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