10 Delicious Gourmet Gifts For Your Loved Ones

If you like to offer small gourmet gifts prepared with your hands, we have made a selection of ten cookies and small cakes typical of Italy, among favorite recipes. You can prepare an assortment of these cookies or choose to make the recipe you prefer. Then make a nice homemade packaging, and your gift will be ready.

The recipients of your gourmet gifts will be delighted to receive a few things that you have prepared with them in mind and definitely they will ask for more again! 

  1. Fluffy Amaretti From Sardinia
    To open this gourmet walk, we will first take you to Sardinia, famous among other things for its fluffy amaretti. They’re flavored with lemon zest, and that makes them particularly good. Click here to discover the recipe for fluffy amaretti.

  2. Baci di Dama
    After Sardinia, we stop in Piedmont, where the famous “Baci di Dama” (lady’s kisses in Italian) was born. These are the two small almond-based cookies that kiss each other, glued together with melted chocolate. The recipe for lady’s kisses among others is one of our staff’s personal favorites. When we run out of these, we order Baci Italian chocolate online from the Italian online food store to satisfy our cravings. 

  3. Baci di dama, Conversely
    There is also Baci di dama conversely: black on the outside and white on the inside, unlike the traditional Baci di dama. Chef uses chocolate and hazelnuts for the dough of these cookies and white chocolate melted in the middle. 

  4. Piedmontese Canestrelli
    Since Piedmont is generous with cookies, here is the ”  Piedmontese Cantrell “. These are small chocolate shortbread cookies, which are a variant of the Ligurian Cantrell, with white dough. Canestrelli is not to be confused with “Corsican Cantrell”, they are two completely different types of cookies.

  5. Ciocchini
    The “ciocchini” of the Italian cookies to which this recipe is inspired, do not originate from any region of Italy: they are national since they are famous cookies that are found in supermarkets. They accompanied many of the breakfasts from my childhood. The most delicious is with the Vanilla filling with dark chocolate shavings.

  6. Frollini
    “Frollini” in Italian is the name of cookies made from frolla dough – the famous Italian shortbread dough. These cookies, therefore, correspond to shortbread. You can also go for Vanilla shortbread cookies with orange zest. They are tender and very fragrant with orange zest: delicious and super easy to make.

    All the cookies that we proposed to you above, keep up to a week in a closed metal cookie tin. But do not prepare them a week in advance. Prepare them maximum one to two days before. Next, we have the mouth-watering cakes.

  7. Homemade Raffaello
    Truffles also lend themselves to become pretty gourmet gifts. For a change from the classic chocolate truffles, we suggest you white chocolate truffles, wafers and coconuts inspired by Raffaello (chocolates found in supermarkets). These homemade Raffaello are super simple to make and super good. They keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

  8. Cupcakes from Abruzzo
    For the two cupcakes, we are going to Abruzzo, the region where my deepest culinary roots are immersed. These are two recipes for “heart” cakes that my grandmother prepared once a year, only for the Christmas celebrations, which are rich in memories for me. They are small cakes that even in Italy are little known outside their region of origin, and which therefore deserve to be discovered.

  9. Calcionetti
    Calcionetti is a skinny cake.  As before Christmas, the Christian tradition is to eat “lean” before the birth of Jesus. We, therefore, banish all the too rich and egg-based cakes, which we will resume eating from December 25. But before that date, we prefer cakes without eggs. This is the origin of these cupcakes which are like large ravioli stuffed with a stuffing based on chickpeas mixed with chocolate and citrus zest.

  10. Taralli
    Like the Calcionetti above, the Taralli too are part of the “maingres” cupcakes without eggs that are eaten before Christmas and throughout the holiday season. Formerly we stuffed them with jam. 

    Prepare the cupcakes the day before or a maximum of 2 days before offering them, so give fresh cupcakes to your recipients. As a bonus, here is another little gourmet gift that you can prepare:
Flavored Sugars

The idea is to add flavored ingredients to the sugar so that it absorbs the scent. We love the version of orange cinnamon zest and a mint version. You can also make vanilla sugar by adding ground vanilla to your sugar.

Packaging Tips

To offer all the cookies and truffles from the above recipes, you will need a transparent bag closed with a pretty ribbon.

For a larger gourmet gift, buy a nice cookie tin and fill it with an assortment of these cupcakes.

Taralli and Calcionetti favor a dish for cakes.

For scented sugars, small glass jars will be perfect.

Take the help of the internet. By searching on Google you will find many sites that offer attractive packaging to make gourmet gifts. Happy Cooking!

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