11 Sites to Make Free Online Youtube Intro Videos

Youtube no doubt gets peak popularity among the entire population and more and more young people who become VLogger or Youtubers (more or less established) and who upload videos of all kinds. One of the most important features of a Youtube video is the so-called INTRO, an introductory part that allows you to immediately capture the attention of the viewer user and to describe what he will find in the video itself. Though it seems an important thing to be added in any video needs special attention and often Youtubers search for “how to make a Youtube intro video” therefore, in this article we will let you know about some useful sites to make your professional Youtube intro videos.

What is Youtube Intro?

Before getting started with sharing you the useful sites with their features let me first add a brief about Youtube Intro to let all the beginners know its importance. An INTRO is a (short-lived) clip located at the beginning of the YouTube video and introduces the topic and usually the vlogger as well. YouTube introductory videos usually include the channel name and logo or website. The colors, music, and graphics used in the intro should be related to the theme and tone of your site or Vlog.

The Intro part of a Youtube video is the one that allows you to make a good impression on the viewer first. Through it, you can make it clear if your video is funny or serious, for example. Having a nice introductory YouTube sequence also helps make your vlog more like a real show.

But how to make a Youtube Intro videos? This is the real question we are addressing here. There are a number of websites offering ready-made templates and to be included in your video. The interesting thing is that many of them are offering these templates for no cost. They are paid available too. Below, however, we want to report popular and free tools in this area, which allows you to create professional Youtube intro videos.

Here are the 11 Free YouTube Intro Video Maker Online

  1. FlexClip

    It is one of the most popular programs among Youtubers as it allows users to make intro videos with HD quality. In it, you will find many presentations as a model, available for editing and customization like you can change the colors, elements, texts and add the logo and slogans of your channel if you want. In this tool, there are many free options except a few which are paid. The positive thing is that it does not leave a watermark on your video. To use FlexClip, one must register first then make a choice of template for their intro video rather start from scratch it will save time too. In the template, you can make changes as per your needs.

    This tool has many professionally-designed templates thus suitable for Youtubers to create quick intro videos easily.

  2. Biteable

    Another free online tool to make intro videos. On this site, you can create free introductions and in high definition, you just have to create your account. However, all bullets will have a very small watermark at the bottom of the image. To remove the seal, you will have to use the paid version of the application. Intro videos can be generated professionally using this tool by simply adding your name, slogan, logo and other texts. It is also the easiest tool as it allows you to have previews during the editing process. There are a large number of templates there to get inspiration and more than 85000 animations and footage have been generated from this Biteable studio till now. All you have to upload your videos or pictures and mix as you desire to create your professional intro videos.

  3. Renderforest

    A free online high-quality intro video making version that allows you complete customization like you may add your logos, slogans, and any other texts or pictures. The best thing about this tool is though it is a free program but it creates intro videos very professionally and not only that it helps you to make animations, different promos, slideshows even you can make your professional website using this free tool. There are a number of professionally designed templates there with full customization facility. I must say the best tool for branding.

  4. Panzoid

    If you are in real search of how to make a Youtube intro videos and a free one then this Panzoid tool will surely help you as it is free and will create small clips that are intro very professionally with high-quality. Unlike others, it also helps you to add logos or 3D animations. The most interesting fact is you can change the background color of the added pictures or videos as per your desire. It will allow you to access a number of available 3D intro templates even without registration.

  5. Light MV

    It is an effective tool to create fashionable intro videos online for free. It does allow you to add text and photos like other competitors but has a limited template library. All the themes presented there are crafted by professional designers and with very high-quality and animated video effects.

    Light MV helps you to proceed very quickly towards your intro creation without any login just visit the website and start adding your photos and texts. If you are in search of quick access then this tool will be of great benefit for you with no watermark on your final video.

  6. FreeIntroMaker

    The simplest and easiest tool to create free intro videos within just a few clicks. All you have to do with this version is to choose a theme, title, picture and then make adjustments as per your requirements. The best thing is you don’t need to sign up or download any video edited save directly to your computer. There are also intro themes available to take inspiration and to choose them directly and customize. The simple three-step process it takes to get a video.

    – Selection of theme
    – Customization
    – Download a video

  7. Flixpress

    This tool is on the list of top ten online Youtube intro maker with excellent features. It helps you generate innovative product intro videos, business promotion and gaming intro videos. You can make many small clips of many other videos like presentations, slideshows, special events, advertisements with your own audio touch. A very cheap professional and free YouTube intro video maker used by many YouTubers for making their intro videos. The videos it generates automatically support the mp4 format but it can be changed as per your desired format.

    To use this tool you just have to upload photos and text and make customization as per your desire that’s it. Google users can use their account to access this service easily.

  8. Ivipid

    On ivipid you will find many bullets that make references to movie openings. It allows you to use complex graphics in its free version. Free options have low quality and watermark. It is worth it, if you have the possibility, to invest a little to have a more professional introduction.

  9. IntroMaker

    IntroMaker is now Introcave. It will surely end your search for “how to make a Youtube intro videos” with its amazing features and easy access within a few simple steps. All you need to select the theme from the available wide range, add title, images, any other texts and URL. That is it and the video will be ready to download on your computer.

  10. Wideo

    One of the great tools with excellent video features. Unlike other competitors, it does follow simple steps to create an intro video. It has more than 100 available video templates to choose from. The simplest and the quickest way to get YouTube intro video.

  11. Intromaker.net

    Free online Youtube intro maker with a high-quality facility and with company animated logo. It allows customization with an impressive professional touch. A simple and quick process with an aptitude of using two videos in your system.

To Sum Up

The available free tools are there to get a professional touch in your intro videos and help those who are unaware of how to make a Youtube intro video but if you have more skills with editing and creating videos, you can make your introduction directly in different editing programs, to have a totally exclusive vignette. Either way, the bottom line is that you create an intro for your YouTube channel and gain credibility with your visitors.

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