11 Top Translation Service Provider in Dubai

The translation is needed to pass ideas, information, and knowledge across the world. To carry out business in an effective manner and without confusion, large businesses require translation services that are trustworthy.

Dubai is the pivotal center of numerous businesses that are carried around the world. It is also one of the largest countries involved in trade, import and export of goods as well as services. Hence, translation service providers play a vital role in shaping these large businesses in the country. 

Similarly, travel and tourism are some of the flourished industries of Dubai. This industry cannot function without translation services in Dubai.

Many companies hire the top translation service providers that are trustworthy. These are also needed to increase the reach of their products and target a wider audience who do not connect to their language. 

Best Translation Service Provider in Dubai

Some of the top translation service providers in Dubai include-

  • Al Etqan Legal Translation Services
    Al Etqan Legal Translation Services is a fast-growing and leading provider of translation services. This translation company in Dubai also provides linguistic and content services in Arabic and numerous world languages. Its quality of English-Arabic and Arabic-English translation is top-notch and is a result of the highly qualified linguist experts who can easily translate the World’s most used language into their mother tongue.

    Al Etqan Legal Translation Services also provides translation services in other major world languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Urdu, Persian, Chinese, etc.

    Many companies have their translation services in use and they prove to be highly trustworthy and reliable having flexible market rates.

  • Alwadi Holding DMCC
    With years of experience in the market and a remarkable record of success, Alwadi Holding Dmcc is an international organization providing top-grade translation services in Dubai. It helps bridge the communication gap between industries that get developed due to linguistic barriers. It also provides unique relatable content that reaches the target audience easily and resonates with them.

    It is a certified company that ensures it fulfills all the requirements of its clients within the given deadline and provides relevant content so that their integrity isn’t compromised or misinterpreted by cultural differences.

    Alwadi Holding Dmcc believes in striving for perfection and is a team of experts including translators, interpreters, content writers, proofreaders, and editors. They are provided with the best resources so that they can deliver top-grade work with accuracy. 

  • Amazon Documents Clearing Services
    Amazon Documents Clearing Services offers solutions to almost every problem related to documents such as visas, licenses, applications, etc. It is a document clearing company in the United Arab Emirates which is the centre of providing all corporate services to the people seeking to establish a business in UAE. 

    It specializes in new company registrations, setup of new companies, license renewal, attestation services, ministry approvals, visa application processing services, economic-related services and even provides local sponsorships to people who like to establish a new business or maintain a running business in Dubai.

    Along with this, it is an outstanding translation company in Dubai due to which it has a huge audience base as not only locals but also people from across the world use its services. 

  • Bukhari Translation Services
    One of the leading companies known widely in the middle east,  Bukhari Translation services has its branches spread all across the globe with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. They provide impressive translation services covering all fields such as medical, technical, legal, commercial, property and other specialized ones.

    They have a huge client base that has their translation services in use. This is due to the fact that they deliver on-time quality work with the help of a highly professional and well-experienced team of translators and interpreters. 

    They are not just an ordinary translation company in Dubai but have their services in other areas as well such as attestation, conference equipment, advertising, designing and printing, PRO, typesetting, etc.

  • Communication Legal Translation Services
    Communication Legal Translation Services is a top-notch translation company in Dubai that specializes in Arabic translations. They have a massive global client base which is the result of their highly qualified team of experts that have specialized in 65 major languages of the world.

    They are a one-stop solution for all types of translation services including advertising, technical, marketing, financial, public relations, etc. They offer the best quality work done with high accuracy and keep in mind that their work holds a lot of responsibility as a slight mistake might hamper the image of the client.

    Being in the industry for 25 years, they are one the most trusted and reliable translation service providers present in UAE. 

  • Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT)
    A reputed and trusted company, Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT) has been providing translation services in Dubai since 2007. The company delivers efficient and smart work to its clients and is known for its accuracy and on-time delivery. It is equipped with a team of scholars who have done their masters and doctorates in translation and have an experience of at least ten years. 

    Due to its consistent top performance, it is now one of the top legal translation service providers in Dubai. It provides translation services in 200 languages covering more than 100 topics like finance, advertising, marketing, visa approvals, licenses, medical, technical, etc. 

    Like its other competitors, it has expanded its domain from language to other services like implementing all types of attestations, voice-dubbing, subtitling, designing and printing, PRO and many others.

  • Al Resala Legal Translation Services
    Al Resala Legal Translation Services is a legal trusted translation service provider in UAE which beliefs in breaking the barrier of language and conducting transparent and stress-free businesses. Its targeted audience includes big-scale industries as well as startups because it provides remarkable services at affordable rates. Its accuracy and timely services have made it quite popular among the customers.

    Dubai has an increasing demand for legal translation services and the highly experienced professionals at Al Resala Legal Translation Services are dedicated to fulfilling all the requirements of the clients. 

    The services provided by this translation company include general translation, interpretation, local accredited translation, medical translation, conference equipment, media content translation, subtitling, economic and finance translation, desktop publishing, website translation, software localization, German and Chinese translation.

  • Revin Management Consultancy & Legal Translation Services
    Licensed from UAE ministry, Revin Management Consultancy & Legal Translation is listed in the top translation services in Dubai. It delivers high-quality services at quite affordable prices. Their work is quite error-free and has outstanding quality.

    It was established in 2003, and since then has been providing impeccable services to its customers gaining great reputation and fondness amongst them.

    Most prestigious governmental and nongovernmental organizations trust this translation company in Dubai and offer them projects usually. The team at Revin Translation Services comprises para-legalists, expert translators,  and well-versed personnel, who are fluent and qualified translators with economic, technical, legal, medical, accounting, literary and linguistic backgrounds. 

    Revin translates English to Arabic and vice-versa and also other major world languages. This company accepts all types of documentation – medical reports, booklets, brochures, websites, software data and hardware books, and promotional materials.

  • ORJOMAN – Global Translation Company
    Large businesses need a regular translation of their documents to provide customers with what they need. If a business needs to be taken international, then business companies need to get these translation services in use.

    Torjoman has been in the industry for a long time and is one of the most trusted legal translation companies. It renders its services not only in Dubai but also in 3 other locations across the globe- Riyadh, Cairo, and California.

    With a team of qualified and experienced translators, interpreters and others, it provides the translation in 100+ world languages with accuracy and under affordable prices. In addition to this, it supports international business in all domains- from local translations to marketing to website translation services and accounting, medical, finance, technical and others.

  • DarLukman Translation Services
    With a sheer motive of transcending language barriers, DarLukman Translation Services provides high-quality translation services in Dubai. They also provide other language services such as localization services, interpreting, content services, testing services, proofreading, and subtitling services.

    Through these services, it renders help to the global community of businesses, government entities and education institutes. Its team of experts can translate more than 40 languages including Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Farsi, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish and all other major languages used by prominent businesses across the globe.

  • CreativeWord (Kwintessential Arabia)
    CreativeWord, formerly known as Kwintessential Arabia, was founded in 2004 in London. It has now become one of the top translation service providers in Dubai having professional translation services, interpretation services, and other related services.

    Along with the translation services, it also provides professional training services and conference equipment for multinational conferences. 

    They have a huge client base and are able to manage them efficiently. This is only possible due to their team of highly qualified professional experts that have full knowledge of the languages around the world. 

    They also offer cultural awareness programs for their clients. Thus, they realize the importance of bridging the gap between different cultures and removing language barriers. 

Wrapping Up

Many times large businesses find a new potential market for expanding their domain. But investing in a foreign country with a target audience that does not even have a common language can be a huge hindrance. Therefore, translation services play a pivotal role in shaping these ventures.

Every country needs translation service providers for smooth trade with the countries across the globe. Dubai is one of the prominent countries involved in global businesses, has top-notch translation companies that are legal and trustworthy.