15 Best Clinics in Dubai to Look for in 2020

Medical help is something that we all need at some point of time or the other. If you are living in Dubai, it is vital for you to know about the best clinics in different parts of the city so that you can definitely get the finest medical help as and when you need it. Whether you are living alone in Dubai or staying here with your family, it can always be of great help to you when you have all the information about the clinics in Dubai. Dubai based medical clinics make use of cutting edge technology in order to detect and diagnose the underlying conditions. This can definitely help you to have the best medical expertise which can ensure fast recovery for you. 

Here are the 15 Best Clinics in Dubai

Here is a look at the 15 best Dubai clinics that you should know about when you want to avail of top-grade medical solutions right when you need them.

  1. Aaliya Medical Centre

    Aaliya Medical Centre is definitely one of the most widely visited clinics in Dubai. The clinic has the best medical infrastructure to offer and they can attend to an extensive range of medical requirements for their patients. The clinic also has the ability to handle emergency cases for their patients so that they can get quick relief from their ailments.

    Aaliya Medical Centre can offer its high-end medical solutions for children, adults as well as elderly men and women. Their ability to detect and cure complex health issues has made them one of the most reliable clinics in the city of Dubai. 

  2. Abbara Polyclinic

    Abbara Polyclinic is a one-stop clinic that offers medical services for a wide range of specialized fields such as dentistry, periodontics, implantology, orthopedics, oncology, urology, gynecology, and obstetrics. By making use of the finest medical technology, the doctors at Abbara Polyclinic can resolve complex and difficult cases with superior efficiency.

    The great thing about Abbara Polyclinic is that it can definitely deliver competent medical services and solutions to patients at affordable rates. By getting in touch with the experienced doctors at Abbara Polyclinic, you can definitely be sure of the fact that you or your loved ones can recuperate from your health issue quickly.

  3. Abbas Hussain Mohd Doctor

    Abbas Hussain Mohd Doctor is an eminent dentist who has been handling patients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a long time. Whether you are having trouble with your gums or you need a dentist to attend to your cavity, you can rely on Abbas Hussain Mohd for offering you the best medical solutions.

    With his many years of professional experience as a dentist, Abbas Hussain Mohd can definitely resolve complex dental issues in a smooth and hassle-free manner. He also makes use of the best medical technology and pharmaceutical solutions for minimizing dental pain and all the complications that come with it.   

  4. Abdul Azeez Clinic

    Abdul Azeez Clinic has been voted as one of the best clinics in UAE for a number of times and it is fairly easy to see why. The clinic features state of the art medical systems that can help in the complete treatment of complex and mysterious ailments.

    If you are worried about a pressing health issue that has been bothering you for some time, you can definitely visit Abdul Azeez Clinic for the best healing solutions. The clinic has already handled numerous cases that require advanced medical treatment and has resolved them with optimum accuracy and efficiency. This has garnered the reputation of Abdul Azeez Clinic as one of the best healthcare centers in Dubai. 

  5. Abdul Ghani Medical Centre

    Abdul Ghani Medical Centre is widely regarded to be one of the finest clinics in Dubai with a penchant for curing even the most complex conditions. The clinic offers in-depth solutions for pediatric ENT patients and offers medications that can heal conditions without any side effects. The clinic can also perform complex procedures like ear microsurgery and laser-assisted surgery with a very high level of efficiency.

    Abdul Ghani Medical Centre also has an excellent track record of performing ear surgery and resolving difficult ear problems so that patients can experience relief quickly. They can also manage health issues like allergies, tonsils, sleep apnea, snoring, hearing and balance issues, sinus, voice disorders, and ear diseases.

  6. Abdul Latheef’s Clinic Doctor

    If you are looking to find a family doctor or a general physician that you can rely on, you should definitely visit Abdul Latheef’s Clinic Doctor as he can definitely attend to your family’s medical needs with utmost care.

    A skilled and experienced doctor who has been operating for a long time, Dr. Abdul Latheef has got the ability to listen to the concerns of every patient and then recommend the best medical solutions for their health issues. Dr. Abdul Latheef can also offer the best medications to patients so that they can achieve complete healing and recovery from their conditions within a short span of time.

  7. Azzam Al Abdulrazzak Clinic Doctor

    Dr. Azzam Al Abdulrazzak is definitely a celebrated neurosurgeon practicing in Dubai and the Middle East. He is also credited with opening the first neurosurgical department in Dubai. Over the years, Dr. Azzam Al Abdulrazzak has successfully managed numerous complex neurosurgical operations with a high degree of success at multiple hospitals. He specializes in lumbar operations, cervical operations, discectomy, and spinal surgery.

    He is also well versed in cervical spine procedures like the techniques of disc replacement practiced these days to the Cloward technique. Dr. Azzam Al Abdulrazzak can also diagnose and treat other neurological issues like aneurysms, brain tumors, complicated cranial trauma, head injuries, epilepsy, backaches, and headaches. 

  8. Abeer Optical Centre

    Abeer Optical Centre is one of the best clinics in UAE when it comes to optical solutions. The clinic regularly attends to the eye problems faced by men and women of various age groups. If you are thinking of getting specs or having your eye power checked, you can definitely rely on Abeer Optical Centre for offering you top of the line solutions. Abeer Optical Centre is also well versed regarding the latest technology associated with eye care and this makes it easier for them to ensure optimum eye care solutions to all of their patients.

    The high level of accuracy in eye power detection makes it possible for Abeer Optical Centre to deliver the finest optical solutions in Dubai.        

  9. Abrahams Medical Centre

    Whether you are looking for a general practitioner or a dentist, you can definitely visit the Abrahams Medical Centre in Dubai for availing world-class medical services. The fully accredited healthcare facility is equipped with a team of doctors and nurses who are thoroughly dedicated to offering stellar medical expertise to all patients. The clinic also has a Gynecology and Obstetrics department and they can definitely provide top of the line support and help to all patients looking for such solutions.

    Abrahams Medical Centre also has a trained and experienced paramedical staff that can attend to emergency healthcare requirements for different types of accidents and serious cases. 

  10. Advanced Radiology Centre 

    Advanced Radiology Centre is one of the most reputable clinics in Dubai that specializes in offering state of the art medical diagnostics and technology.

    By making use of the best radiological equipment, the clinic can offer a wide range of solutions to the patients such as CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound, radiology, breast imaging, dental imaging, bone density, X rays, and interventional radiology.

    The Advanced Radiology Centre can also perform a host of other procedures such as DNA testing, screening tests, serology, clinical microscopy, hematology, immunology, parasitology, and biochemistry. This definitely makes Advanced Radiology Centre a one-stop solutions provider for all kinds of diagnostic solutions.   

  11. Abuhamour Medical Center

    Abuhamour Medical Center or AMC is a trusted medical solutions provider in Dubai that takes care of patients in a wide range of fields such as nephrology, gastroenterology, obstetrics-gynecology, diabetology, endocrinology & metabolism.

    Ever since the clinic was founded, Abuhamour Medical Center has focused its energies on precisely diagnosing and treating a wide range of internal diseases. The doctors at Abuhamour Medical Center can also guide the patients on living a healthy life so that they can prevent the development of complex health conditions.

    If you are looking to find guidance on positive health and fitness as well as good eating habits, you can definitely find that by consulting with Abuhamour Medical Center.  

  12. Adam Medical Center

    Adam Medical Center is a renowned healthcare facility that has been offering competent solutions to patients with a wide range of health disorders. Being in the healthcare industry for a number of years, Adam Medical Center has developed a high standard of excellence when it comes to offering stellar treatment solutions to patients.

    The clinic makes use of high-end medical technology that can be used for resolving complex and mysterious ailments with ease. All the doctors at Adam Medical Center have years of experience in their area of specialization and they can certainly provide top of the line medical services.  

  13. Adnan Mohamed Kaddaha Doctor

    Doctor Adnan Mohamed Kaddaha is a general practitioner who has been practicing in Dubai for many years now. Offering comprehensive medical checkup and treatment facilities to patients, Doctor Adnan Mohamed Kaddaha has the ability to get to the root of the health problem and recommend the best treatment solutions.

    He has been serving as a family doctor in Dubai and has been offering in-depth medical support to patients so that they can recover quickly and fully. The medications and checkup solutions offered by Doctor Adnan Mohamed Kaddaha are really the best and they can make patients feel better in a short while.  

  14. Advance Behavioral Learning Environment

    Advance Behavioral Learning Environment or ABLE UK is a one of a kind child developmental service center at the heart of Dubai. It is an award-winning center for child developmental care for children having special educational needs.

    The clinic is dedicated to helping children who experience developmental challenges so that they can be properly integrated into the world around them. Parents of children who fall within the autism spectrum are often lost as to how they can best help their kids to learn vital skills in life. The team members at Advance Behavioral Learning Environment are compassionate about these children and are dedicated to helping them in every possible way. 

  15. Advance Hearing & Balance Center

    Advance Hearing & Balance Center is a clinic in Dubai that offers complete medical care for men and women who have been having problems with their hearing and balance.

    The Advance Hearing & Balance Center clinic has a highly developed ENT department that can medically treat complex issues that have been bothering a patient for a long time. Patients can also visit the Advance Hearing & Balance Center if they are keen to undergo a vestibular test. This can definitely help patients who experience dizziness or have problems with their physical balance. Advance Hearing & Balance Center can also help patients to choose the best hearing aids for them.  

Wrap Up

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By learning everything about the clinics in Dubai, you can definitely make your choices wisely and get top-grade medical solutions and recover from your ailment quickly.