15 Top Advertising Agencies in Dubai to Look for in 2020

Advertising agencies implement numerous strategies to create marketing campaigns according to the needs of their clients for broadly advertising their business. They can be home-based small scale businesses or huge corporate franchises with many departments to work on different fields such as management, research, sales, copywriting and design.

If you’re looking for advertising agencies for your company, then here’s a list of the top advertising agencies in Dubai for your aid.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Dubai

  1. Desert Sign Trading LLC

    Desert Sign Trading LLC is a growing advertising agency in Dubai that makes a huge range of advertising products such as one-way vision flex banners, color vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and many other indoor and outdoor good quality advertising materials. It became popular as it used to be the only Sign making supplier that was not affiliated to any mainstream material supplier in Dubai. Since 2005, it has always aimed at providing customers with a convenient solution and fulfills their needs. 

  2. 24 Group FZ LLC

    Established in 2001, 24 Group FZ LLC has been one of the top advertising agencies in Dubai due to its top-notch services and products. It has a well-qualified and experienced team that understands the requirements of the client and comes up with innovative and creative solutions. It provides many services like advertising for special operations and commercial events, supplying signs, outdoor media, exhibition stands and marketing for companies as well as products. 

  3. Backlite Media LLC

    With an experience of more than 20 years, Backlite Media LLC is an outdoor advertising agency in Dubai with a huge client base. It has completed nearly 300 projects to date and has a hundred ongoing projects in multiple locations. Being one of the most preferred advertising agencies in Dubai, two thousand customers have availed its services which include digital advertising, billboards, lampposts, flex banners, etc.

    It is a multinational company with a strong background and knows how to get hold of a target audience.

  4. Origami Creative Concepts LLC

    Having its presence in Dubai as well as India, Origami Creative Concepts is a leading brand marketing and advertising agency which assists it, clients, on any type of brand strategy, brand development, repositioning, rebranding, design, building digital experiences as well as web experiences, digital platform development and advertising, digital marketing of the brand, etc. With a skilled team of experts, it has maintained its legacy for 17 years helping customers bridge the gap between great ideas and their execution in the marketing field.

  5. 4C House of Advertising LLC

    4C House of Advertising LLC is one of the best advertising agencies in Dubai with extensive experience of 15 years. It deals in various products such as promotional displays, shop fittings/interiors, kiosks, signages, digital printed graphic works, exhibition stands, and other digital printed products.

    It has developed a massive customer base because it focuses on solving the client’s problems in every way possible.

  6. ABK Advertising

    ABK Advertising is where businesses find their solutions to every form of marketing. The team of experts that works for this company is well experienced in Advertising, Commercial printing, and graphic design. It is where the companies can get their logo, leaflets, folders, catalogs, brochures, envelopes, signages, business cards printed and also advertise their product through all forms of digital marketing.

    All their products are of high quality and can be purchased at minimum rates. 

  7. Black Box Advertising LLC

    One of the top advertising agencies in Dubai, Black Box Advertising LLC not only deals in experiential advertising materials but also event management, brand management, exhibitions, consultancy management, and signage work. It brings creative and innovative solutions into the market and focuses on clients’ needs. Due to their extensive experience in a wide range of products and services, customers trust them fully with their projects. Customers’ satisfaction is their prime concern and they believe in providing top-grade services in due time.

  8. Pinetree FZC

    With a clear objective of providing the best advertising strategies, Pinetree FZC has worked with numerous organizations in Dubai. It creates a unique identity for businesses making their products and services stand out. It takes care of everything including the right name, tagline, design, logo, etc. using a wide range of digital strategies, this advertising agency incorporates many services – creative advertising using print campaigns, outdoor campaigns, radio commercials, logo designing, website design and development, app development, google ad campaigns, crisis management, public relation management, award ceremonies, corporate events, exhibitions, event management, etc.

  9. Icon Advertising & Design FZ LLC

    Icon Advertising & Design FZ LLC has been one of the leading advertising agencies in Dubai serving customers on a journey of 11 years. With flexible rates and excellent work ethics, Icon Advertising & Design FZ LLC has been a one-stop solution for all advertising, promotional and marketing needs of small as well as large business companies. 

  10. Panama Advertising

    Incorporated in 2002, Panama Advertising has been a leading advertising agency with a wide range of products and services for advertising, marketing, event management, exhibitions, and brand promotion. It has a good reputation in the market with a large number of satisfied customers who find solutions to all their marketing problems through Panama’s team of experts.

  11. Digital Sapiens Media and Advertising

    Digital Sapiens Media and Advertising has been a top-level advertising agency that provides services such as digital marketing, ad campaigns, SEO, advertising and management. The company uses effective tools for proper implementation of the client’s needs. It has a team of skilled well-qualified professionals working hard to bring creative marketing and digital strategies for brand promotion and management.

  12. Durar Advertising DMCC

    An online and offline advertising agency providing marketing and consultancy services, Durar Advertising DMCC helps businesses to increase their products reach and achieve their goals. It is an integrated platform where clients’ needs are given the highest priority and their problems are solved using innovative strategies and updated tools. The experts pay full attention to details and work to meet their client’s expectations.

  13. Equity Advertising FZ LLC

    Equity Advertising FZ LLC is a growing advertising agency in Dubai with a team of skilled experts who aim at fulfilling their customer’s needs through fresh ideas that can revolutionize the marketing industry. Along with outdoor advertising, it also deals in digital marketing, print media, exhibition stall advertisements, event management, radio commercials, etc. Small businesses and large organizations can increase their profitability by working with talented professionals.

  14. Kang International Advertising LLC

    Kang International Advertising LLC is a Private Limited Company and is one of the leading advertising agencies in Dubai. Established in 1994, it has developed a huge client base that avails its numerous advertising and marketing services. Its highly skilled team members develop splendid marketing displays for the clients to help their businesses with their promotion. The customers have reported seeing a great increase in their sales using their strategies.

  15. Margins Advertising

    Margins Advertising provides top-notch services in marketing, advertising, design, and printing sectors. It covers Graphic Designing, Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Gift Item Printing, Sign Boards and Media Services. Their team of experts is fully devoted to fulfilling the requirements of customers and satisfying them using effective branding strategies. Margins Advertising has been in the marketing industry since 2000 and has worked with numerous companies in its journey.

The Bottom Line

Promoting your brand is an essential step for your business and you need the right advertising agency for that. You can use Dcciinfo, the Official Commercial Directory for Dubai, which has a compilation of all the information you need about advertising agencies in Dubai.