17 Top Courier Services in Dubai UAE

Courier services are indispensable for businesses as well as personal uses as they help to carry goods and items from one part of the city or country to another. They can also transport different kinds of perishable and non-perishable goods to other parts of the world. Without their help, it would be impossible to carry out international business relations in a fluent and effortless manner. Dubai is one of the most important business hubs in the world and therefore naturally there is always a great demand for companies that can offer such services to businesses and individuals. The companies that offer courier services in Dubai are always prepared to serve their clients in the best possible manner and assist them in every possible way so that they can improve their prospects in a highly competitive business scene.

Here are the 17 Top Courier Services in Dubai to look for in 2020

Here is a list of the best Dubai courier services companies that you should know of. 

  1. DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo LLC

    DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo is widely hailed to be one of the best courier services companies in Dubai with many years of eloquent performance to their name. The company can take care of all facets of courier services starting from cross border management to careful handling of fragile and perishable goods. By using an integrated technology platform, DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo can support the needs of eCommerce companies so that they can manage all their deliveries smoothly. DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo can also provide clients with worldwide parceling solutions and warehousing so that all goods and items are cared for in the best manner. The professionals at DTDC Eurostar Courier & Cargo can also deliver their clients with real-time tracking so that they have the peace of mind that they seek. 

  2. Sky Express International LLC

    Sky Express International is a courier company in Dubai that is known for handling worldwide deliveries with a high level of panache and efficiency. The company makes use of elaborate and well-developed infrastructure to handle deliveries in different parts of the world so that their customers are completely satisfied with the services that they have to offer. Whether it is air freight, cargo shipping or detailed logistics, the professionals at Sky Express International never leave any stone unturned to offer stellar solutions to their clients. The company has extensive connectivity with partners in all parts of the world that helps them to meet the requirements of the clients that they work with. This has naturally made them a reliable provider of courier services at the heart of Dubai.   

  3. ABC Courier & Cargo LLC

    ABC Courier & Cargo is a leading provider of cargo management solutions in Dubai and they are known for their flawless services. Whether it is custom clearance, freight management, real-time order, and delivery tracking or documentation, the professionals at ABC Courier & Cargo can manage all kinds of operations with flair and efficiency. The company takes special care each and every time to make sure that all large and small items are handled properly so that they do not get ruined during transit. They can also pack all items properly so as to ensure their safety and well-being. ABC Courier & Cargo also offers insurance coverage for all the items that they carry so that the clients always have optimum peace of mind.          

  4. Afex Cargo

    Afex Cargo is a trusted name in the world of cargo handling and management in Dubai. The company has been providing stellar courier services in Dubai for quite some time now and they have a long list of happy clients. The company is always focused at improving their working methods and this has definitely helped them to bring happiness to the clients that they work with. No matter the nature of the courier deliver project handled by Afex Cargo, they can always provide precise and efficient solutions to the clients. The company has an elaborate logistics department that can manage deliveries in Dubai, the Middle East, and other countries.    

  5. Al Bismi Cargo & Courier Service

    Al Bismi Cargo & Courier Service is a renowned Dubai-based cargo handling company that has time and again delivered competent delivery solutions to their customers. The company maintains the highest levels of professional efficiency with each and every client they handle. Whether it is the door to door deliveries within Dubai or international deliveries over sea and air, the experts at Al Bismi Cargo & Courier Service can definitely make sure that their clients are happy with the quality of services that they can deliver. Over the years, Al Bismi Cargo & Courier Service has played a significant role in helping the businesses of Dubai to boost their prospects against a highly competitive market.    

  6. Al Shehab Express Cargo

    Al Shehab Express Cargo is a cargo delivery and freight management company in Dubai that offers comprehensive courier solutions to different kinds of businesses. Whether it is a food products company or steel goods firm, businesses can always rely on Al Shehab Express Cargo for having the finest delivery expertise that can boost their return on investment. As a company that has been actively involved in the courier industry for quite some time now, Al Shehab Express Cargo is always focused on delivering the finest courier solutions to clients so that they can manage their business ventures efficiently. The company can also handle small scale deliveries for personal requirements. 

  7. Amex Middle East

    Amex Middle East is widely regarded as one of the best courier services in Dubai as they maintain a well-developed infrastructure to handle advanced and large scale deliveries. The company can offer smooth handling of all kinds of goods and ensure fast and prompt deliveries within UAE, in various Middle East countries as well as other parts of the world. This makes it possible for them to have a large base of satisfied and devoted clients. The company can handle sea, land and air freight smoothly and also provide real-time tracking so that clients immediately know the status of their deliveries.          

  8. APS Middle East Logistics LLC

    APS Middle East Logistics, also known as Alleppey Parcel Service, is a company based in Kerala, India but also serves clients in all parts of UAE and Dubai. The company has a well developed infrastructure that they can use to manage courier requirements for businesses operating in Dubai. As a leading courier service provider that is skilled at managing high end and complex deliveries across borders, the professionals at APS Middle East Logistics can manage custom clearance and all the paperwork associated with it. The courier experts can also handle air freight and sea freight as well as manage deliveries across long distances of land.   

  9. Ardian Global Express LLC

    Ardian Global Express is a renowned courier and expresses delivery company in Dubai that regularly attends to the needs of the local businesses. With their extensive fleet of cars and road vehicles, the experts at Ardian Global Express can manage all domestic courier delivery requirements for their clients. The courier import services offered by Ardian Global Express are prompt, safe, reliable and efficient which has led to their widespread popularity. Ardian Global Express also excels at managing large scale international courier deliveries for their clients and transport different kinds of goods seamlessly to other parts of the world. All the services offered by Ardian Global Express can be availed at the best prices.    

  10. ATA Cargo & Logistics LLC

    ATA Cargo & Logistics is a highly efficient courier services Dubai company that can manage different kinds of local and international cargo deliveries with ease. The company has got a well developed fleet of cars that they can use to manage deliveries within Dubai. They can also work with their partner firms and offer international cargo and freight delivery solutions at various other parts of the world. The company can also provide warehousing services for different kinds of products along with complete insurance coverage for the items that they handle. This definitely makes ATA Cargo & Logistics one of the most reliable cargo and logistics companies in Dubai. 

  11. Blink Express Courier Services

    When it comes to courier services in Dubai, there is one name that can always be relied on and that is Blink Express Courier Services. The company has been offering comprehensive freight and cargo handling solutions for quite some time now, making sure that their clients are always satisfied with the precision and promptness of their solutions. Adhering to the best industry practices, Blink Express Courier Services leaves no stones unturned when it comes to ensuring that their clients get the specific cargo management and custom clearance solutions they need. Their rich industry experience enables them to overcome common and uncommon challenges associated with courier services each and every time. 

  12. Century Express Courier Services LLC

    Century Express Courier Services is a highly reputable company of professional courier service experts well-known for offering complete courier solutions to their clients. The company has a highly competent team that is fully dedicated to the same day and next day deliveries to its clients. Whether it is handling deliveries across UAE or in any other part of the world, Century Express Courier Services can manage custom clearance and air freight requirements of their clients. Their ability to provide air freight and road freight solutions that is safe, secure and efficient. With the smart end solutions offered by Century Express Courier Services, businesses can certainly enhance their operational efficiency.    

  13. Comex Express

    Comex Express offers smart and efficient courier services in Dubai that is identified for ensuring fast growth and expansion of any business. The company is adept at offering safe and efficient courier services so that their clients in Dubai can manage their businesses across international borders. The company can provide complete insurance coverage for all the goods that they carry. With their extensive fleet of cars, Comex Express can handle deliveries across large stretches of land very quickly. They can also offer highly accurate real-time tracking so that clients know the status of their deliveries any time they want.  

  14. Comfort Line Express LLC

    Comfort Line Express is one of the most skilled courier service companies in Dubai that is known for providing optimum expertise to all businesses looking to make it big in the Middle East zone. The professionals at Comfort Line Express can provide full insurance coverage for the products that they carry and manage custom clearance for their clients. They can also take care of logistics as well as air, land and sea cargo with a very high level of efficiency. Comfort Line Express maintains a high level of efficiency with its services and this has enhanced its value in the eyes of its clients.  

  15. Compex International Courier

    Compex International Courier is a leading provider of courier services in Dubai that offers highly advanced cargo management solutions to its clients. As a leading provider of cargo handling and freight solutions to clients, Compex International Courier always makes sure that its customers are satisfied with the fast and efficient services that they have to offer. The company is always focused on improving its working efficiency which makes it possible for them to deliver competitive solutions each and every time. By using their detailed tracking solutions, business clients can always have real-time information about the status of their deliveries.  

  16. Continental Courier Service LLC

    Continental Courier Service is a reliable provider of top-grade courier services and solutions in Dubai. They offer detailed solutions and expertise when it comes to handling large scale deliveries within Dubai and across international borders. By taking care of the customs clearance and associated paperwork, the company can provide complete peace of mind to their clients. Continental Courier Service is also well versed about the various challenges associated with courier services and this makes it possible for them to meet their expectations successfully. With the assistance offered by Continental Courier Service, businesses in Dubai can definitely expand their reach greatly.   

  17. D.H.L. Worldwide Express Cargo LLC

    D.H.L. Worldwide Express Cargo, also known as D.H.L. is one of the leading names in the courier industry. The company has been offering state of the art courier solutions to companies in Dubai for a long time now. Over the years, D.H.L. Worldwide Express Cargo has established a very high standard when it comes to courier, freight and cargo services. The very name of D.H.L. Worldwide Express Cargo is associated with reliability and optimum efficiency. By using their extensive freight shipping solutions through rail, road, air, and sea, D.H.L. Worldwide Express Cargo has time and again proven that they are the very best in the industry.   

Wrap Up

Consulting a leading company of courier services in Dubai can provide your business with the platform it needs to accentuate the efficiency of its business tasks in a major way. Hence, once you have made up your mind that you are going to have a well-equipped courier company to provide you with the right kind of services, make sure that you visit a leading business directory to know more about these service providers. ATNINFO is one of the most renowned online business directories operating in Dubai and by visiting this site you can learn everything you need to know about the courier companies that can be of service to you.