Wojcicki, YouTube, Trump: What Does This Mean For The Future Of Media?

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Wojcicki Youtube Trumpfeinercnbc made headlines these days through taking a stand towards President Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, opting to dispose of several movies from his account for violating their community hints. This circulate has sparked debate about the electricity of tech corporations in regulating content and policing hate speech. But it additionally increases questions about what this means for the future of media: can tech companies be relied on to make selections which are inside the public’s excellent pastimes, or will they serve as gatekeepers for particular ideologies? We will explore those issues in this weblog publish and consider their implications for the destiny of media.

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube, one of the maximum popular video-sharing websites inside the international. She has been credited with assisting to grow YouTube into the behemoth it is nowadays. Before her tenure at YouTube, Wojcicki served as Senior Vice President of Advertising & Commerce at Google. In this position, she became liable for developing Google’s advertising and marketing commercial enterprise and launching several modern merchandise, inclusive of AdWords and AdSense.

Wojcicki is a sturdy recommend for internet neutrality and has spoken out in opposition to efforts through ISPs to throttle or block online content material. She has also been vital of Donald Trump’s policies on immigration and refugees, calling them “a darkish moment in records.”

It stays to be visible how Wojcicki will steer YouTube within the wake of the 2016 presidential election. However, given her music report of success at Google, it’s miles safe to say that she is greater than as much as the venture.

Donald Trump is the President of america

Donald Trump is the U.S.’s forty fifth President, taking workplace in January 2017. A Republican, he is a former real estate developer and tv persona. During his campaign for President, Trump ran as a populist vowing to “Make America Great Again” by means of tackling what he saw because the u . S . A .’s foremost problems: illegal immigration, change offers disadvantaging American people, and Islamic terrorism. Additionally, he made pledges to ease guidelines on agencies and decrease taxes. Domestically, Trump has been pushing for an competitive agenda placing back a lot of Obama’s climate trade and healthcare tasks. He has additionally been charged with racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Trump seems to want an isolationist route on the overseas aspect, taking flight the U.S. From several global agreements and treaties. Also, there have been accusations that he has fashioned close relationships with authoritarian figures like Putin of Russia or Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

The Future of Media

As the media international evolves, we see new systems emerge and old ones fall by means of the wayside. It is specifically real inside the wake of the 2016 presidential election, which has left many people thinking what the future of media will appear like.

One issue is for positive: the conventional media model is no longer as powerful as it once was. In particular, social media platforms like YouTube have upended how humans devour information.

It’s tough to argue with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s declaration that her platform is “the new T.V.” Many human beings are becoming their information from YouTube, and conventional media retailers need help to maintain up.

This shift has been exacerbated through the election of Donald Trump, who has shown a willingness to bypass conventional media shops in desire of Twitter and other social media systems.

Media’s future is still being determined, however one factor is apparent: the landscape is changing, and traditional outlets have to adapt to live to tell the tale.


The media landscape is converting swiftly, with YouTube gambling a more distinguished position than ever. Susan Wojcicki’s management has been quintessential in making this take place, and her success presents lessons for different groups seeking to include trade. The impact of President Trump at the media enterprise is also good sized, as he keeps to task conventional modes of conversation and information dissemination. It remains to be seen what adjustments will come inside the future, however one thing is sure: looking those traits spread may be an exciting adventure!

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