What Style Kangaroo Jumping Shoes Are Best?

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They have advanced significantly since their original purpose of being a jumping and fun way for kids to use moon bounce shoes. Joe Ruhl was the co-owner and president of Excel Physical Therapy and Fitness, England.

He decided to give them a shot. He wanted to create a rehabilitation device for athletes recovering from leg injuries. He discovered that they were gentle on joints and that they could be used to tone muscles and burn calories. It worked.

A Swiss entrepreneur named Denis Naville redesigned jump boots in the 1990s. He wanted to improve their design, performance, and comfort. These improvements result in the jump boots you see today. They are more comfortable to wear and less cumbersome than ever.

Anti-Gravity Workouts: Kangoo Jumping shoes

Kangoo Jumping Shoes provide a lot of fun, are great for exercising, and can act as a trampoline. Use them correctly and you will reap the health benefits.

The Ultimate Jumping Shoes 7 Kangoo Boots

Kangoo Boots have become increasingly popular so it can be difficult to choose one pair. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 7 Kangoo Boots.

·         Kangoo Jumps, XR3 Limited Edition

The stylish XR3 XR3 Special Edition Kangoo jumps start at $250 These XR3 Special Edition Kangoo Jumps are appropriate for all ages, and types of exercises, and have a weight limit of fewer than 200 pounds. For this pair, you can choose from sizes X-Small through Large.

·         Kangoo Jumps 3

These XR3 kangoo jumps differ from the Special Edition model in price. It is around $230. If you want to still get something from this model range, it’s a great budget purchase.

The patented Impact Protection System or IPS is featured on this pair. This includes a full body exercise and a maximum weight limit for the pair of approximately 200 pounds. These pairs are available in sizes XSmall to XLarge.

·         Jump 99 Strength Pumpometric Training Shoes

Jump’s 99 Strength plyometric training shoes are $125. If you’re looking for a great option for Jumping Shoes before getting on to Kangoo Shoes, these are the right ones.

They come in sizes ranging from size 5 to size 13. This makes them a versatile option for those who want a regular, but still comfortable Jumping Shoe.

·         Kangoo Jumps Model Pro-7

The Pro-7 Model of Kangoo Jumps has three different color options. The price is approximately $300. It has a weight limit of 200 pounds plus and is suitable for all types and sizes of feet.

·         Geospace Air Kicks

The Air Kicks by Geospace cost between $130 and $436 depending on which size you choose. Small is limited to 100 pounds, medium to 176 pounds, and large up to 200 pounds..

·         Joyfay Unisex Health Jumping Bounce Shoes

Joyfay’s Unisex Fitness Jumping Shoes can be purchased for around $100. They are an excellent budget option for anyone who is within this size range.

·         Madd Gear Boosters

Madd Gear’s Boosters Kangoo Jumping shoes are the perfect budget option. You can purchase them for as low as $50 for your kids. They are a great option for kids who want to learn about jumping shoes and can lift up to 88 lbs.



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