Tips for Study CCNA Independently

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Among various IT certifications, CCNA is very popular. Many candidates who want to learn CCNA technology choose to participate in the training. Generally, the learning time of the training center is relatively short. In just a few days, it is really difficult to complete hundreds of thick pages of textbooks, with an average of nearly 100 pages per day. In fact, for candidates who have a certain network knowledge base, they don’t have to participate in training. They can create conditions for self-study and get good learning results. Compared with training, the difficulty of self-study mainly has two aspects, one is teaching materials, the other is experimental environment. Now let’s take a look at how to create conditions for self-study.

Choose teaching materials suitable for self-study

There are mainly two examination books in CCNA.


One is an examination book published by Cisco Press. The book is called Cisco CCNA Exam #640-507 Certification Guide, written by Wendell Odom. The other is a book for examination published by Sybex company, called CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, written by Todd lammle (this book published by Electronic Industry Press can be purchased in China). For learners, the second book is suitable for beginners. The first book is more suitable for candidates with high aspirations (such as those who want to take the CCIE Exam). Of course, the best way is to read both books.

Create experimental conditions

A very important content of CCNA course is to learn router configuration technology. If you want to learn this part of knowledge well, you can’t just look at textbooks. You must do experiments by yourself. CCNA requires an in-depth understanding of all Cisco operating systems (IOS) (CCNA 2.0 requires familiarity with the latest version of IOS VER 12.X). Therefore, if possible, try to do experiments on the actual Cisco router (the router involved in CCNA Certification is 2500 Series). In the IT training center, you can get the router configuration opportunity that is hard to get in work practice. Many candidates who have not seen routers at ordinary times can also get perceptual knowledge. Some candidates buy a second-hand router by themselves, and then carry out various router configuration experiments. The price of a second-hand router is about USD 160. In this way, the learning cost is too high for beginners. Another feasible method is to use analog router software, which can realize almost all router functions.


At present, there are three kinds of Cisco router simulator software that can be found: routersim, Krang and virtual lab e-trainer. Routersim and virtual lab e-trainer are launched by Sybex company. From the use experience, routersim is still very good. This software is well-designed. It has routers, switches and computer terminals. When you click the computer terminal, you can also get a virtual MS-DOS window. Use the ping command to check whether your configuration is correct. Limited by space, the author here briefly introduces it. Interested readers may study more router simulation software.

Deal with the relationship between exercises and experiments

To pass the exam smoothly, it is necessary to do more exercises. But don’t just focus on doing questions to cope with the exam. It’s important to learn some real stuff.


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