5 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends from Vision Direct

A nice pair of glasses can make or break your entire summer wardrobe. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone was cooped inside the house, and spring fashion was at a halt. Folks had plenty of time to think about summer fashion trends to kick off the decade. 

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, it’s time to appreciate the little things. Here are the latest spring & summer trends for designer eyewear from VisionDirect to keep a social distance from the sun.

Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses

From all-black frames to bold colour explosions, frames are getting more and more interesting. Thick rimmed glasses were never out of fashion. In fact, they have become a badge of style in eyewear. 

If you want glasses to turn many heads around, then check out those from Adidas and Tom Ford

These sunglasses are indeed an ideal addition to your wardrobe. Not only are these designer brands known for their exceptional taste, but they are also famous for their high-quality products. Due to their elegance and sophistication, these designer glasses are highly sought after.

Tom Ford FT0615

Adidas Originals AOR009

Shield Sunglasses

With their pleasing aesthetics and eye shilling technology, we reckon that you will love to wear them. Last year, celebrities that rocked these sunglasses include Jenifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and your favourite Kim Kardashian. 

These glasses block 100% UVA & UVB light. So, this summer, you can wear incredible Photochromic Mountain Shades whilst still looking stylish.Julbo shield glasses provide excellent eye coverage; they’re a stylish pair of glasses combined with technical features to cope with high altitude mountaineering.



Angular Eyeglasses

This summer, you need a pair of glasses that highlight your personality and add character to your face. Find spectacles that flatter and best suit your face shape. Rectangle glasses are a summer 2020 fashion trend and not going anywhere any time soon. 

Angular glasses visually enhance the face and make the round face look narrower. Show your stylish side this summer with a pair of hot angular glasses.

Michael Kors MK2087U

Prada PR04VS

Sustainable Designer Eyewear

Sustainable brands are slowly trying to rebuild the economy at the same time that we are fighting with a global pandemic. It is finally time to bring out eco-friendly glasses. Giorgio Armani’s sophisticated designs characterize the style of the season. 

People these days are aware of the need to take care of the world, so popular eyewear brands are focusing more on being organic. They are using eco-friendly materials to make sleek classic frames that offer a personal touch.

Check out some of these sustainable designer eyewear trends this summer:

Giorgio Armani AR8091

Vogue VO5211S

Graphic Shapes

Graphic shapes are all the talk for summer trends in 2020. It is highly important to find the right balance between bold and practical. The more modern shapes you wear, the trendier you look.

Modern influencers like CharlotteButtrick are making this trend super wearable by wearing innovative and novel eyewear designs. So, it’s time to wear modern shapes that come in both the black and white frames to stay ahead of the curve. 

Get ready to become the biggest risk-taker this summer and try out these amazing graphic shapes:

Prada PR10XS

MiuMiu MU05VS