5 Tips for Visiting Niagara Falls in Canada

If you ever get a chance to travel to Canada, where would you go? Without blinking twice Ontario will be the first name on your lips. And why it shouldn’t be? There’s a lot to see and explore in Ontario, Canada.

But from where you can start?

Without any debate, Niagara Falls is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ontario, Canada. People, who travel to Canada, specifically visit to explore the magnificent Falls with their own eyes. Canada is popular for a lot of go-to adventure places.

Canadian or American Niagara Falls – Which Side to Swing

To spend a fabulous time here, you need to be able to spend your entire day (or days!) to have maximum experience. Haste makes waste, so it’s in your best interest to not hasten your trip on the Canadian side of the fall. This place is well- known for planned honeymoons and record of the daredevil actions by travel enthusiasts; all in all, it’s a fun place. The area is ever-changing with restaurants, ferry tours, and inside funhouses that are perfect for every age group.

Regardless of how fun it may sound, you need to plan properly before executing your traveling plans. Being a traveler, you need to be more responsible and avoid repeat any mistakes. So, let’s jot down some of the essential tips worth knowing that will help you plan better while you get to have an amazing time.

  1. Go off-season
    Summer season is the most traveled season around the world. Keep this thought in mind and imagine you visit Niagara Falls at the peak of the summer season. Nah! To be honest, you need to plan something that will not put a strain on your budget. So if you go during off-season, hotels and attractions prices will be lower and it won’t be crowded.

    Is there any perfect day to visit? Probably depends when you place to go. A winter from mid-January to late April is a perfect time slot to explore the place. You can enjoy some mid-week deals to encourage people to come and stay (as if you need any further motivation) and get hotel rooms with a magnificent view of falls!

    Guess what? Colder temperatures mean fewer crowds and more Instagram worthy pictures! You can capture an epic view of Niagara Falls with your bae and let your friends know about your Niagara adventures.

  2. Get most of Mid-Deal Weeks
    Remember the mid-week deals we just talked about? The promotions and deals come with a long list of perks you want to enjoy, so you better prepare a family trip or convince your sweetheart for a longer stay.

    These coupons cover different discounts such as on restaurants, conservatories, tickets (good heavens!) along with magic shows, casino credits and so the list goes on…if you do plan this trip with your family, then you have the chance to use most of the promotions or maybe all of them. It’s pretty fun and exciting when lesser cash is involved.

    The best part is these coupons (vouchers) do not expire in a day, if you are staying here for a few nights, you better enjoy all of it. You can even plan a New Year getaway to Niagara Falls, as some of the coupons are valid till New Year’s (a perfect date night) so you better avail that too.

  3. Ways to explore
    A lot goes in a place with a magnificent fall and an entourage of attractions, and you fear you might miss it all. Make your first stop to Cave of Winds and Journey Behind the Falls. it allows you to have a closer look at the Horseshoe Falls while Cave of Wind lets you experience the Bridal Veil Falls. But if you do plan to visit these attractions, prepare a summer adventure to Niagara Falls.

    Moreover, a ferry boat ride is extraordinary, letting you have a closer look at the waterfall. Of course, there are other boat rides as well; the only difference is you will wear a different colored poncho. The watch the uproar of falls on a ferry rid is pretty impressive.

    Once you are done with the ride on water, it’s time to go on the top of Skylon Tower. Take a walk around the top floor; enjoy a tasty buffet dinner at sunset which is more than perfect.

    Note: you can make a surprise proposal to your partner on the Niagara Falls helicopter ride.

  4. Plan an excursion
    The superb waterfall is the main show stopper but why not plan a twist on Niagara on the Lake too. If you are visiting during summer, it is a perfect opportunity to pick a hotel in the area and enjoy the wineries tour along the way! It’s a perfect plan for summer holidays with your kids. Family time is quality time so; you can extend your trip to Niagara on the Lake. 

    How does wine tasting sound to you?

    Let kids have their fun while you and your loving partner can taste delicious wines and observe the wine refining process.

    Sounds great right? Well, it is!

     Or you can visit the wobble cobblestone town as well, get souvenirs for the trip. Make sure to keep those coupons with you, as long as you are in the Niagara premises you can hand them to kids, so they can enjoy the amusement rides, a movie show inducing a great quality time.

  5. How to reach Niagara Falls?
    If you are an American wanting to explore the Canadian view, just hitch a plane to Toronto Pearson Airport and book yourself a Toronto Airport Limo. The ride will take you to the desired destination. The perfect thing about going on wheels is, you do not have to worry about fitting your luggage in a taxi or about high taxi rates either.

    If you are not a sharing bus ride kind of a person, airport limo is the best option to avail, even for the rest of the tour. If you are a Canadian and plan to travel all around Ontario, even then you can get yourself an exclusive ride.

    Niagara Falls is surrounded by a plethora of neighboring towns and urban cities. It’s best to enjoy a road trip to the Falls and experience an amazing journey. On the way, you can make pit stops to cafes, public attractions and once you reach the hotel, limo chauffeur can help you carry all items to the lobby.

    Unless you want to have a boring trip on a vehicle that could fall apart anytime or in a greasy cab, this is the best chance you have to reach the destination.

So what do you think?

Are you ready for a visit now?

Niagara Falls is a perfect destination for virgin travelers to Canada. It’s exciting, fun and wet! Whenever you plan a visit to the natural wonders of Canada, do it without a hustle so you can make most of your time.

Niagara Falls is quite an ordeal for many so don’t forget to book the best of airport limo in Toronto; if you follow the tips you can plan a more than a perfect holiday for yourself and your loved ones. Now how you spend your quality time, depends on you. It’s time to make memories in the waterfront fall.