7 Essential Ingredients to give Protein to Hair

Some ingredients are meant to benefit your particular body part and help to enhance the quality of that part. 

Protein is one of them! 

Protein is a necessary element for your hair which not only makes your hair healthy and stronger but also requires moisture and shine in your hair. Thus, it is a highly recommendable component for hair to make it look beautiful and lustrous.

There are many ingredients that carry protein and can easily infuse your hair with much strength, nutrition and smoothness. Read on to know what these ingredients are and how can they affect your hair to enhance it.

Here are the 7 Essential Ingredients which can give Protein to your Hair

  1. Egg and yoghurt hair mask

    Egg alone carries lots of vitamins and proteins and thus is considered the best element for hair care and healthy hair growth. Merging it with yoghurt can do wonders on different hair problems like frizz, breakage, dryness and various scalp issues. It not only solves your hair problems but also leaves your hair is super shiny and smooth conditions. Where yoghurt amazingly works on hair health with its richness in probiotics and enhances healthy hair growth.

  2. Honey can be merged with egg yolk

    If your hair lacks moisture and protein then there is nothing better than an egg yolk to solve the problem of dryness and brittleness. Honey also comes with various hair protecting and repairing agents that moisturize dull and dry hair finely. Mix the two of them to make a paste and cover your hair entirely with honey and egg yolk to make your hair super shiny and smooth by providing much-needed moisture and lustre.

  3. Coconut milk carries much protein for hair

    Coconut milk carries much protein through which it perfectly softens your air and leaves it in much-moisturized condition than it was in before. Coming with lots of vitamins like B, C, and E and saturated with fatty acids, this formula is meant for dry and coarse hair. You can simply put it on your hair to get better enhancement and effect on it and make your hair shiny and soft looking. This one is recognized as the best protein treatment for hair by various hair experts as it also solves the problem of dandruff prevailing in your scalp.

  4. Banana alone can be extremely beneficial

    Get rid of many hair problems at one time with the help of a banana as it alone carries vitamins, potassium, natural oils and carbohydrates to soften and nourish your hair thoroughly. It further strengthens the hair root encouraging awesome and stronger hair growth. You can also merge it with other effective and beneficial ingredients like avocado and make a paste of it to apply on hair. Avocados are rich amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids to coat your shaft and restore its texture and moisture.

  5. Mayonnaise to moisturize your hair thoroughly

    Mayonnaise also contains eggs that are rich in proteins and promotes healthy-looking hair. It perfectly provides nourishment to your hair and scalp and enables your hair root to get stronger and allow healthy and smoother hair growth. Further, it also helps to eliminate the problem of head ice and is mixed with avocado then works amazingly on the dryness and dandruff issue. 

  6. Make coconut oil and avocado hair pack 

    Coconut oil comes with innumerable hair benefits as it easily penetrates into the hair shaft and repairs your hair from within. Further, it makes your hair root stronger and healthier by containing fatty acids and reducing the loss of protein to a great extent. If your hair requires moisture in much quantity or gets dry easily then merge avocado in coconut oil to get the amazing and more advanced effect. If you want to make a human hair wig soft again, you should use your fingers to make small “tap” noises into it. You should tap the ears and scalp several times a day. This should stimulate your hair follicles and it will make them grow and encourage them to grow.

  7. Add shea butter in your daily hair care regime

    Shea butter is a great source of protein and vitamin when it comes to treating hair problems and making your hair look healthy. Shea butter is also used in various hair care products and treatments for its amazing benefits and results on all types of hair problems. From dryness dandruff and hair fall, shea butter is capable of treating all the issues quite effectively and enhances the condition of your hair.

Get a proper protein treatment by hair an expert

You either take a proper hair treatment to add protein in your hair or you can use protein-infused products such as aphogee two step protein treatment which perfectly adds much-needed protein in your hair. This aphogee protein treatment comes with all-natural and most effective formulation to add texture and protein in your hair v

Give your hair best keratin solution

Keratin can be very beneficial as well as a healthy option or different hair problems and can treat your hair quite efficiently. Thus, a keratin treatment is widely used and suggested by hair experts to advance the quality of your hair and make it extremely smooth, silky and shiny with much-needed moisture and straightness. You can also use a product like aphogee keratin 2-minute reconstructor to give perfect keratin treatment at home.

Thus, select your preferred solution as per the type of your hair and enjoy the most amazing benefits by adding protein in your hair.