7 Things to know about Front Load Washers

A washing machine is one of the most vital home appliances these days that can help your family save on their time and effort on washing clothes.  When it comes to buying washing machines, you get two options – front load and top load. Compared to a top load, a front load washing machine is considered a better option for effective cleaning. However, many of the users who have a front load washing machine or want to buy one in the future have no idea how to use it to get excellent cleaning. You can go through this post and know a few of those tips, along with the best front load washers in India. 

Here are the 7 Things About Front Load Washers That can Give You Excellent Cleaning

  1. Choose only a detergent made for a front load washers

    You can’t use a detergent that has been designed to be used in a top load washer in a front load and vice versa. Hence, the first step towards getting spotless cleaning is using a detergent (powder and liquid) that is manufactured only for a front load machine. 

    The reason behind it is that if you use a regular detergent powder it will generate more suds. This regularly generated sud will then build up a film in your wash drum as well as in the tube attached for your washer. It will then act as a breeding ground for mold and also can cause electronic and mechanical damage. 

    So a user of front load washer is suggested not to use even a washing powder prescribed for top load washing machines.

  2. Ensure to run an empty cycle at least once a week

    If you don’t want your front load washing machine to stop functioning or develop a glitch, then you should make sure to run an empty cycle after your wash cycle is done. If you can’t do that daily, then you must do that once a week. Doing that will clean the washing machine from inside out and clear it off any debt debris. 

  3. Always go for the correct spin cycle 

    While washing clothes, you should ensure to choose the correct spin cycle. Going for a higher spin speed will mean drier clothes before using the dryer. It would lead to early wear and tear on the washing machine’s inner portion. It means that your best fully automatic washing machine in India will need to be replaced sooner – hurting outlays.  

  4. Do not leave clothes lying in the washing machine for ages

    If you don’t want your expensive front load washing machine to become a breeding ground for germs and bad smells, then you should avoid leaving washed clothes lying. People have this habit of letting the washed clothes lying in their washers for longer hours, leading to bad smells and germs. 

  5. Research Before Buying a Washing Machine

    Always remember that when you buy a high-efficiency washing machine, it will require less water to wash your clothes clean. You will also not need to use more detergent to wash your clothes. However, it is suggested to use liquid fabric softeners instead of detergents. It not only increases the life of your washing machines but also increases the life of your washing machine.

    However, such a washing machine for high efficiency may load a little burden on your pocket but it will be a good option and can save your money on the other side for the coming years. As definitely you would not like to replace your home appliances which you have bought spending a huge amount of money.

  6. Clean Out Your Washer Regularly

    After every few weeks, you should clean your washer. It not only gives you a wonderful home for mold but also cleans your washer from trapped dirt or junk which could be responsible for any hitch to operate or machine damage. To clean your washing machine, have a half solution of vinegar and water. Wipe the rubber seal of the washer’s door and drum also.  

  7. Leave the washer jar open

    If you don’t want dampness and bad smell getting absorbed into your clothes, then you should leave the washer jar open once the washing cycle is complete. It will help in proper air circulation inside the washing machine and keep off mentioned issues. 

    If you are able to follow the discussed tips, then you will be able to use your best fully automatic washing machine in India for a long time without maintenance issues. If you are looking to buy the best front load washing machine, then you can compare a few models: 

    A) Bosch 8 Kg ExpressWash Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

    – A fully automatic front load
    – Capacity – 8 Kg
    – Max spin speed – 1200 RPM
    – Stainless steel tub
    – Tumble Wash Technology
    – Digital display support
    – 15 wash programs

    B) Samsung 6.5kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washer

    – Capacity – 6.5 Kg
    – Max spin speed – 1200 RPM
    – Stainless steel tub
    – Tumble Wash Technology
    – Dimension: 600 x 850 x 450 mm
    – Color: INOX GRAY
    – 3 Years Warranty
    – 5 wash modes

    C) IFB 6 Kg 2D Wash Fully Automatic Front Load With In-Built Heater Washing Machine

    – A fully automatic front load
    – Capacity – 6 Kg
    – Max spin speed – 800 RPM
    – Stainless steel tub
    – Tumble Wash Technology
    – 8 wash programs

    As the cost for the front load washer is higher than other washer technology. In the market, the minimum cost for a front load washer will be 20,000. However, the affordability for these models is higher but you can now divide the cost of any of these front load washing machines over a tenor and pay just fixed EMIs. You can do that if you don’t want to pay the entire amount at once and hurt your wallets.

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