Air New Zealand 24 Hour Cancellation

You must be living under a rock if you are not aware of the Covid-19 outburst that is swallowing the lives of a million innocents. The entire globe is trying to fight the pandemic because of which almost all the nations have been in lockdown. This proves that life is very unpredictable as nobody was prepared for it. We all had plans for 2020 but now it seems that everything is on a long pause and we need to wait until the virus vanishes. 

The bad news is that nobody knows how long will it takes because there is no cure or antidote made yet. As you must have heard that it is the unsaid fact that people need to do social distancing to avoid the virus to spread other it will increase like a bush fire and destroy everything for the human life. Until now the government of every country is asking the citizens to stay at home in order to stay safe. People have been provided with medical facilities along with some basic necessities like food, water, medicines and more. 

We can’t tell right now what will be the impact of this dangerous virus if it does not disappear. There are some unsure facts floating away in the sources that the Chinese consumption of wildlife has led to this virus whereas the country denies and waits for the facts to get clear. Yes, now is not the time for the blame game and proper action must be taken to save the lives that are left. 

The travel industry has been affected very badly because of the self-isolation imposed by the government. Nobody is working right now, no company, no production unit, no deliveries, no services, no malls, no shopping centers except the medical service and the security service. The airlines have been given an order to cancel all the flights and only a limited number of flights are being allowed to provide service. All the major borders have been shut because of which people are not allowed to travel via road, train, flight and more. Though the cancellation policies of all the major airlines have been made a bit more flexible to help the ones that are stuck with the existing reservations. The passengers are allowed to cancel their booking in order to get a refund because no flight is ready to depart from the airport yet. 

There are specific dates decided by the airline according to which they have made some changes in the cancellation policies. Airlines like Delta, Singapore, Air Canada, Copa, Emirates, Allegiant, United, Hawaiian, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, Spirit, Air New Zealand have made the required changes in their policies to help the people who had made reservations with them prior to the outburst of Coronavirus and after too. 

If you have your reservations with Air New Zealand then you must know its current cancellation policy and general too in order to perform the cancellation. The good news is that you will get a full refund if you decide to cancel the booking within the initial 24 hours of the purchase as per the Air New Zealand 24 Hour cancellation policy. In case you are looking for more details on the Air New Zealand 24 Hour cancellation policy then scroll down for more information:

As per this policy, the passengers that make the cancellation within one day or 24 hours after they have purchased the ticket will not have to pay any cancellation fee. The airline understands that passengers may face an unavoidable situation due to which the passenger might have dropped the plan of travel. 

This policy was also applied prior to the outburst of Covid-19. There are times that a passenger might make a mistake while making the reservation which might be visible to him or her after looking at the bookings. For such a situation you need to simply cancel your existing booking within the first 24 hours and make a new reservation with the airline. Just so you know, we are emphasizing more on the initial 24 hours because once this stipulated time frame is crossed you will have to pay the cancellation fee. This time window acts as a boon to the passengers who make the bookings in a dicey situation and have a change of plans in a short period. It is not like you can’t cancel the booking after this time, but the fee will be imposed. 

The cancellation is determined by various factors like the fare type purchased by the passenger, the duration between the cancellation and the departure of the flight, the time of cancellation, the number of tickets selected for cancellation, the origin of the flight, the destination of the flight and more. 

Steps to cancel the Air New Zealand ticket

Stop scratching your head if you do not know how to cancel the booking as we have jotted down it for you:

  • Start by going to the official website of Air New Zealand
  • Make a selection on the “Manage Booking” option that is on the homepage
  • Select the reservation that you want to cancel
  • Click on the option of “Cancel” after you see the confirmation window
  • You will get a message by Air New Zealand for the cancellation you just made
  • Now you need to fill up a refund form in order to get the refund
  • Once your application is submitted successfully, the refund value will be credited in your respective bank account within five to seven business days.
  • Please note that the refund will only be initiated after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if any)

We hope that you have got all the required information about the Air New Zealand 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, only if you are not satisfied then please visit the official website.