Best Places to Visit in Philippines for 7 Days Vacation

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Philippines for a vacation to a tropical paradise, with friendly people, amazing gastronomy, bestowed with white beaches, sparkling water, and adventurous activities? I can see your mind hopping from one place to another thinking if such a location exists. I’d recommend you keep hopping because to experience all of this together in a single place, the Philippines is where you should be. With over 7000 islands in total, get ready to immerse yourself in an experience that can never be forgotten! 

Although the Philippines offers infinite locations and activities to keep you engaged and entertained through several months, pretty sure your boss wouldn’t agree with the same right? Fret not, as the beauty of the Philippines can be traversed across in just 7 days! 

Here are some of the Best Places to Visit in Philippines for 7 Days Vacation


Day 1: Start your vacation to the Philippines by flying into the capital city of Manila, which remains the best hub for reaching the Philippines. Manila is one of the best places to visit in Philippines. Later in the day, take a walk through the bustling streets of Manila to experience amazing street food like quack (battered quail egg) and caramelized bananas. And don’t forget to experience the authentic and classy Jeepney ride for a mini-tour around the town on your Philippines package!

Day 2: Start your day with a tour to the New and Old city of Manila. In the New city, get moved by the bustling financial district of Makati city, as you keep moving along with the buzz and rush of the Filipinos. After the Makati city, visit the historically significant American Cemetery which serves as a memorial and contains the graves of more than 17,000 soldiers who had lost their lives in World war II. Post which, visit the famed San Agustin Church, which is quite renowned and famous for its Baroque architecture and splendid murals on its walls.

In the evening, take a stroll along the beaches of Manila, shop til you drop in the lively shopping provinces of Manila, completing a fulfilling day! 


Day 3: Catch up a short flight from Manila, and land in Palawan, your next destination in this amazing vacation destination. The Philippines promises variety, and that is established with what Palawan has to offer for the tourists. Welcome aboard to a world of water, Palawan is! With towering vast mountains, to limestone rocks, surrounded by plush of green forests, nothing defines Palawan better than the word Paradise. In the evening on your Philippines package, experience the Puerto Princesa Fireflies Watching activity. Board on a boat, with all your fancy life vests. The boatman will take you through by a paddleboat through the river as you see stunning fireflies blinking on top of the mangrove tree like Christmas lights. Your guide will also let you know about the significance of all the places en-route your trip, as you experience wildlife right at its home! To make it a more enriching experience, consider a boat trip with dinner included! 


Day 4: Gear up for a long and astounding trip to the Underground River from Puerto Princesa, which is a very well renowned UNESCO listed national park. You wade through the flooded cave system by paddle boats. Once you arrive at the entrance beach, embrace yourself for the extraordinary wildlife you’d be witnessing in this body of water. Watch out for the monitor lizards and macaques at the edge of the thick forest, along with over 165 species of birds on the view. Post that, paddle down further for a distance of 8 kilometers underground, as you venture deeper into the river, during which you can spot stalactites and stalagmites, and listen to the sounds of the swifts and bats that live inside this dark cave. Once you are done with this trip, it is guaranteed this would be one of the experiences that you can never forget! 



Day 5: Cebu, again is one of the best places to visit in Philippines. Take a short flight from Palawan on your Philippines package to reach the final destination of your vacation, Cebu. The most densely populated city in the Philippines, Cebu offers a plethora of water activities, and not to mention, the lively nightlife and burgeoning shopping kingdom that Cebu is! In the evening, stroll through the chirpy never-sleeping neighborhood of Cebu, as you shop for memoirs and experience local cuisine. 

Day 6: A trip to the Philippines will never be complete without a visit to one of the prime attractions of the country, the Kawasan and Tumalog fall, along with whale watching. Seeing whale sharks from a distance itself is a sight to behold, but hey, by now you’d have known Filipinos always do it one step better. You get to swim with the whale sharks for real! Whale sharks are harmless and very friendly. Such good friends are found once in a lifetime, so don’t forget to click selfies with these harmless friendly creatures!

Post this enriching experience, take a trip to the prime attraction of Kawasan falls, which is a sparkling 3 layered waterfalls. Out of the 3 layers, the first layer cascades 15m into a massive, milky-blue swimming hole, which is the most crowded. If you are looking for less touristy spots, 2nd or 3rd layer is what you can look for. If you are an adrenaline junkie, ensure you opt for the canyoneering experience where you will be thrilled with a 2-10m cliff jump into the waters below. This jump from the limestone cliffs at the top will ensure you are completely exhilarated and mesmerized!

Tumalog fall

Day 7: Continue your never-ending island hopping to the next stop, the Bohol Island. Take a ferry from Cebu to reach the Bohol island, which assures you to add variety and excitement to your already fun-packed trip. Get flattered by the amazing landscape and excellent beaches of Bohol as you navigate through the island. Visit the culturally rich and historically significant Baclayon Church, while keeping an eye out for the tiny tarsier primates that call the island home. Post which on your Philippines package, visit the spectacular Chocolate Hills, a collection of over 1,260 hills whose lush grass turns a rich, velvety brown during the dry season. Ensure you click enough photos to capture this awe-striking sight. Post the Chocolate hills, head down to the Loboc River, where you can navigate through the river in a cruise, where you may have lunch options as well. On the cruise, enjoy music by a local folklorist coupled with a song and dance choir. A trip to Bohol will enlighten you about the heritage and culture of the Philippines, also stressing on the amazing bond that the Spaniards and Filipinos have maintained throughout the years!

Wrap Up

So here are some of the best places to visit in Philippines for a 7 Day vacation. Phew! If only all the places are as enticing as the Philippines is, the desire for people to travel will be never-ending! But then, planning a vacation is easier said than done, and to experience vacations hassle-free as a package, several companies like Makemytrip, Pickyourtrail offer completely customized Philippines tour package, which will ensure you get the best of what the Philippines has to offer, with no worry about the logistics and planning! Now that you have got all the information and resources to take a vacation to the Philippines, what are you waiting for? Get set go!