Bus Travelling Guide for Foreigner Tourists Exploring India

India is a lovely country with a stunning mosaic of culture, religion, cuisine, and tourist attractions. If you are a foreigner planning a budget vacation in India, then traveling by bus is inevitable. However, bus travel in India is different as compared to many foreign nations. The ticket booking is offline in most parts of the nation.

You might be surprised to see the amount and kinds of luggage people travel within India. And, if you come from some European country, the bus crowd can be a bit overwhelming to you.

However, the journeys are every bit exciting and will lead you to lovely destinations. Also, we recommend traveling by bus at least once to have a unique traveling experience.

To make the bus travels easier and better for all the foreign tourists, we have compiled this post. It has some tips and pointers regarding Indian bus travels. Read it carefully and make the most of your culture trip to the vibrant nation of India.

Here are the 6 Bus Travelling Guide for Foreigners Exploring India

  1. Booking Tickets Online and Offline

    If you are traveling in some remote locations, you might not have access to the online ticket bookings. Though the tickets can be booked online and offline for most of the tourist places, remote locations might not offer you this advantage. There are dedicated ticket-booking windows at the bus stands where you can get the tickets. The concept of queues is a bit elusive here. So, keep a watch on your turn. Finally, online bookings are VALID, and you don’t have to have a print-out confirmation mandatorily. You can show the message on your phones. So, don’t fall prey to some fraudulent person saying that it is NOT valid.

    If you are booking the tickets online, always opt for the reputed websites with good reviews. This way, you can always avail of the 24X7 road assistance from the customer care team. Another benefit is that you can get deals such as RedBus Coupons to save on every ticket booking you make and earn cashback as well.

  2. Keeping the Pickpockets at Bay!

    Pickpockets are a big issue worldwide and in India as well. They are everywhere, walking amidst the familiar crowd. So, you have to take care of your belongings while traveling via bus. If the budget is not a problem, you can choose to travel via luxury buses that have a good crowd and more legroom. These buses offer better services and come with AC and charging slots as well. If your budget doesn’t allow you to travel via a luxury bus, don’t worry. Make your bookings using the RedBus website and enjoy decent discounts on your tickets.

  3. Honking is Normal Here!

    While traveling in India, many foreigners find honking a weird phenomenon. For example, when you are in a jam, and you have to be patient for some time, you, as a foreigner, can understand that. But, people tend to get restless and honk. However, it is a normal thing here, and you must get used to it. In fact, many bus drivers honk their horns in a unique tune. And, that tune is going to be your music track throughout the journey (just for laughs).

  4. Buses can get Really Crowded

    Buses in India can get really crowded when you are traveling in an area with less service. Similar is the case with highly urban metro cities with a huge population. For example, Metro trains in Delhi are always crowded, including the carriages meant for women. So, if you get cramped while traveling on the buses, please be a bit patient and listen to your favorite soothing music because people have an accommodating nature here and will surely help you get a seat when possible.

    Moreover, you can get accustomed to the crowded buses after some time. People are generally lovely and leave seats for ladies. They will also try to adjust you on their seat by squeezing themselves together. You can also find many people that understand the basic English language and gestures. So, if you need help in case of washrooms or water, etc., you can always ask!

  5. Choosing the Sleeper or Seated Bus

    If you are traveling during night time, you are bound to get sleepy. Further, if the jetlag makes it hard for you to stay awake during journeys, you must opt for the sleeper buses. They come with sleeping compartments that have a sliding door and offer you some privacy as well. However, you should stay alert regarding the stations and stoppages.

    The tickets for sleeper buses can also be booked online. You can find all kinds of booking and travel information on sleeper buses online.

  6. Types and Categories of Buses

    There are many categories of buses in India. Find the details in the following section:

    – Private Carriers (Owned by private companies or individuals; smaller in size)

    – Roadways Buses (Owned by the Government, cheapest fares, larger in size)

    – Luxury Buses (Owned by private companies or individuals; expensive tickets; more legroom)

    – Tourist Buses (Owned by hotel or traveling company; tickets included in the package; more legroom; meant for local sightseeing)

    The details on the bus categories mentioned above are not strict and can vary from one service provider to the other. They have been mentioned just to give you an overall idea as a tourist. Rest, you can find all kinds of information online.

India has a beautiful landscape and lots of scenery to absorb. Traveling by the rental car might give you some personal space but minimal opportunity to explore the culture and life in general. And, these are the best things about traveling and exploring a place, right? So, plan an awesome vacation in India, and don’t forget to use some coupons for a bus journey anytime.

Keep traveling and keep exploring!