Complete Guide of Using and Choosing a Universal Remote Control

The remote control is an electromechanical device that allows you to control the device remotely. The theme includes a small plastic box containing electronic circuits, control, and switch buttons and a battery. The remote control allows you to control the TV, stereo, air conditioner, chandelier, and other equipment. The most important thing is to choose the right model of universal remote control.

Types of Remotes

Model spacing is only available for specific devices. Using other remote controls may not support certain features of the device.

The PC remote can replace the mouse and keyboard. With their help, you can easily adjust the operation of simple programs and media players. Some models have a joystick and a navigation keyboard, while expensive models often have more advanced features. For example, they have touch buttons or multiple buttons whose purpose can be independently configured.

The universal remote control combines the control of different devices. With such a remote control you can change channels on the TV, adjust the volume of the music center, control the operation of the air conditioner and other functions. The economical option of this is the Philips universal remote cl035a that allows you to adjust a limited number of devices at the discretion of the manufacturer. In more expensive models, a group of devices can be configured independently.

The smart remote control is a modern variant of the universal remote control. This remote combines the control of various devices and transmits them to the applications installed on the phone via Wi-Fi. To control the device you do not even need a remote control, everything is controlled directly in your smartphone.

The smart remote does not look like a remote at all. It is suitable for all devices that support the remote, including smart devices. There is no limit to the number of connected devices. It can play different scenes. For example, in the application, you can choose a movie script. The smart remote control dims the light in the connected lighting and turns on the TV. The situation can be very different. The number of units and their parameters can be selected independently.

What are the communication channels?

Depending on the model of the remote, it can be connected to the device in different ways.

The best known option is infrared radiation. This communication channel is comprehensive and reliable. Many devices are checked. Signals have different powers. The distance that the remote can send and receive signals depends on interference along the light path, such as the presence of walls or furniture. The operation of this remote control is limited to one room.

Modern variants of the communication channels are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are also analog Zigbe Wi-Fi devices with lower power consumption and better signal transfer quality. These devices typically use smart home devices.

How to setup Universal Remote Control?

To configure a universal remote for a particular model, such as a TV, you need to know the code for that model. You can find it in the technical specifications that come with any device. Then turn on the TV, point the remote at it and hold down the power button. You must enter the code without releasing the button. Usually, on such remote control, there is a small light next to one of the LEDs or buttons under the keyboard. When the code is entered, these LED lights and can control the TV.

The universal remote control is easy to learn. To do this, place the indicators on the original remote and the universal remote. The Learning Console should go into training mode. Depending on the model, different buttons may respond to this mode, so it is preferable to refer to the desired button in a particular situation. Then press the original remote on the button you want to learn universally, and then press the same button on the universal button. The original remote signals. The universal device remembers it and attaches it to the pressure when the button reads the signal. You need to turn each knob again to end this process.

Computers can be equipped with more modern universal remote control. To do this, the computer must have special software. The remote control is connected to the computer and displays the necessary commands associated with certain buttons.

The macros in the universal remote control can also be configured independently. To do this, select multiple commands and combine them under a single button.

What add-one are required?

If the rubber buttons are turned on from below with LEDs, they will be clearly visible in the dark or in low light. The taillight may be on the remote’s periphery but is more comfortable under the button.

The more expensive models have touch controls instead of mechanical controls. You have to be more careful about it: such a remote should not be disconnected. For this type of filter, it is generally moisture resistant, but it is best not to come into contact with water. The size of the touch screen is smaller, but there may be more buttons on the touch screen than regular buttons.

Some models have a QWERTY keyboard. This is useful if you want to enter the desired channel or set command in the search field. In Smart TV mode, when the computer is connected to the network, it is convenient to enter a search request via the keyboard using the remote control.

There is a remote control with a built-in gyroscope. Remote control with a gyroscope is called an air mouse because it operates on the principle of monitoring hand movements. In other words, the on-screen cursor repeats the movement of the brush. For example, if you move the pen to the left, the arrow moves the same distance to the left.

Almost all universal remotes can work in a smart home system. It will combine different available devices and provide control.

With smart home system management, a better solution would be a smart remote. It can be combined with an unlimited number of units, including the use of automatic doors, patio lighting, slow cookers, and kettles.

Management can be transferred to an always available smartphone. At the same time, you can even control the house remotely via the app. For example, when you get home, you can turn on the heat, lights and other necessary appliances.