Effective Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business

Facebook – it seems that this is a small word but this is the name of a big social media network with a billion users from all over the world. In another word, we can call it “Digital Profound” and it has been a popular open platform for all types of businesses to get more consumers in a short time. If you own an eCommerce business, then these powerful Facebook marketing tips are going to be a very helpful guide for your online store to increase sales and earn more revenues.

Why should you learn Facebook marketing properly?

Nowadays the market for jobs is becoming too competitive and no guarantee that you will get a proper job which will pay you a handsome salary according to your skill after facing more than hundreds of interviews. So, instead of facing interviews you can learn Facebook marketing properly and try to be self-employed instead of being a service holder.

What will you learn in this “Facebook Marketing Tips” article?

In this article, I will be telling you the most important powerful Facebook marketing tips and secrets that will really help you to be an expert Facebook marketer. This will be a random step-by-step guide. So, try to read it carefully. Let’s start: –

  1. Select your business or brand name

    “A good name is better than riches” – this is a proverb but this teaches us a good thing that a nice name is much better than having a lot of money. When you are going to select the name for your business, then try to keep the name short based on your business. Such as if you are going to do automobile business and select a name that is related to food restaurants, then it is really weird and also a mismatch. So select a short and perfect name. Also, keep in mind that the name should be easy to memorize like “Google” or “Microsoft” or “Apple”.

  2. Develop a website or online store for your eCommerce business

    To do an eCommerce business you must have an online or virtual store where your customers will get more details about your products at a glance. But don’t forget to secure your online store with the comodo SSL certificate (most affordable & trusted certificate) that helps you to get the best price for SSL security which helps to boost your customer’s trust for your online store. Facebook is just a social media and a way to get more customers. You cannot provide full details of your product on the Facebook fan page. To develop an online store you have to purchase a domain with the name you have selected a few minutes ago and virtual space or hosting.

  3. Create a Facebook fan page with your business name

    The main part of marketing starts from here by creating a Facebook fan page with your selected business name. To create a fan page on Facebook, follow the steps given below: –

    – Go to your Facebook profile and click on “Create” and a dropdown menu will appear.
    – Select “Page” from the dropdown and fill all the information asked by Facebook.
    – Upload your business logo as “Profile Photo” and Use and attractive cover photo.
    – Now fill all the information asked in the “About” tab.

    Creation of Facebook fan page ends and Facebook marketing tips starts now

  4. Start posting contents on your Facebook fan page

    For the very first time, don’t share your product photos or information. Start with informative content and news related to your business. For example, if you have skincare products, then start with contents related to how to keep skin safe from sunlight and other harmful materials. Spend your first two-three weeks with this type of information. Post at least 2 times a day. From Fourth week, start posting about the product once in a day and another time you should keep sharing helpful informative contents. Now your Facebook page has become a bit old and you can post as much as you want but don’t post too much about products only. If you post 3 times a day, then you should post helpful content twice and your product once.

  5. Invite your nearest communities and friends to be a fan of your Facebook page

    You have a newly created page and you don’t have a lot of fans. For the last 4-5 weeks, you are sharing information on your page and now there is a lot of information to read. This high time to invite your friends to be a fan of your page. By doing this you are informing Facebook users that there is a good page on Facebook where they can get a lot of helpful information for them to read. Your friends will be sharing this information in their community if they find it helpful. This way your page will go viral day-by-day.

  6. Become a Facebook detective to monitor your competitors

    If you are thinking that no one is doing the same business in the world, then you are wrong. Because this is the age of digital media and a lot of people are becoming businessmen by using social media. So, you must have your own competitors in the same market. You have to keep monitoring what others are doing to detect their business plan to overcome them to win this challenging market. If possible convert their fans followers as your fans followers by helping them. Just remember “Everything fair in love and war” and winning the competitive market is a war for you because you are new in this market. You have to create your market on your own.

  7. Find related communities or groups and join them

    Now you have to find your product related group or find that problem-related group which your products solve. For example, you are selling skin care products, then you should find those groups where Facebook users are talking about their skin problems. You should post helpful information in those groups. Here you can use tricks to get more attraction. You already created a website for your business and you must have a blog on that website. You should create or write helpful information and post on that blog. Then you can share that content on your fan page and then you can share those contents from your fan page to groups.

  8. Be active and engaged with your fans followers

    Stay connected with your fans and followers. If they ask any question to you through your fan page, then answer them immediately to make yourself helpful to them. If you cannot answer them immediately, then try to answer them in 24 hrs. But don’t take more than 1 day to answer.

  9. Run a contest to get more engagement

    Running a contest on a Facebook page is not a new thing and not very much important but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do anything to get more engagement. When you will run a contest on your page, your audience will find it interesting and they will participate in it. It will help to be closer to your fans.

  10. Try to get some paid Facebook likes

    It has been a few weeks since your page was created, so you may have to struggle to get fans for the first time and because of being a new page on Facebook, users will not trust you at first view. It is better that you can buy facebook likes to achieve trust from organic users.

The above 10 points are the most important Facebook marketing tips for a new Facebook page. They are primary level preparations for total marketing. We will post an updated new advance level article on Facebook marketing in a short time. Thank you so much for reading this article.