Finding Inspirations with Interior Painting

The first thought that comes to us when we think of Interior painting is the solid colors of our walls. While this is undoubtedly the thought, it is however very traditional. Syncing with the present-day wall painting designs are the new trend. They truly depict our personality, taste, and the right ambiance for the house. 

Gone are the days for typical block wall paints where a choice of color is painted for all the four walls or in fact the whole house in the same shade. Home interiors are now taking a different direction, given the time we spend at home. Interior painting has transformed like never before especially the wall paints.  

Apart from block colors here are our top picks to help you find the best paint inspirations for your walls:

Stencils: Boring walls can now be redesigned to overwhelming inspirations by choosing a bold touch of stencils- parallel lines or broad squares or a mix and match of a geometry you like. Best paint for walls can be many but the theme can be only a few that you seek solace in, and stencils won’t disappoint you.

Faux Textures: Another inspiring interior are the faux textures, that take you down memory lane. Whether it is of a seashore that you grew up at or a green backyard- the faux textures can practically recreate a retro look that you wish to go back and live in. They are indeed the number one piece of artistry you would love to encounter each day.

Stripes: A great way to stay calm and take each day as it comes. The corner where you want to only sit on a recliner, spend time watching TV or reading a book, or simply to fall back in a daydream- stripes can aid you here. They are perfect to kick start on a gloomy day or perhaps to fight the Monday morning blues.

Creating a Color Schema

Another well-to-do theory is to create a fabulous color schema with a dash of bright pop here and there. Example: You can recreate a whole living room with an earthy touch with the hues of browns or go green inducing life into your interiors with few plants to add freshness too. Ensure you create a color schema with colors you like than randomly choosing one.

Look for Outside inspirations

When I say outside inspirations, I only mean nature or perhaps the artwork that caught your eye. Interior painting can be disastrous if you do not plan carefully, the light undertones can be mundane while blobs of bright colors can make you uncomfortable in the long run. Hence finding the right balance along with keeping the color tone is particularly important. 

It is always not a hard and fast rule to keep the color of the entire house in the same tone. For example, if you choose to paint the kid’s room with softer colors, you can give that quick dramatic look to your home theater room or a home studio where you work. So it is wise to treat each room differently, but yes to save up you can ensure to use similar paints in different patterns. 

Another great ingenuity is to create your wall of creativity, with a sponge and colors of your choice. Simply dab and ignite the creative genie to come out of you and see the magic.