How to Avoid Damaging your Box via Freight Courier

Whether you are at the giving or receiving end of any package delivery, the condition of the box that contains the items being delivered is always important. 

Have you ever had a box delivered via express delivery only to be informed that the contents are damaged, worse they’re beyond repair? Not only is it annoying, but it’s also disheartening and disappointing. in contrast, imagine a family of an overseas worker receiving a box filled with items lovingly sent by their loved one abroad, oh the joy!

Obviously, we would all pick the latter any day, right? If you plan to send a box filled with valuable items, you will find yourself faced with the challenge of making sure that your package arrives not just in one piece, but in pristine condition. How are you going to approach it? Below are some tips to help you:

Use the Right Kind of Box

This is the very important first step of your mission: finding and using the right kind of box. Ensure that the box is bought from a credible store, preferably one that has experience in boxes used for courier services. Using double-walled boxes rather than single-walled is recommended as it is sturdier, harder and stronger. 

You also have to make sure to buy a box with the correct size and dimension. The box has to proportionate to the contents you’re going to put inside; you want to avoid buying a small box and having to fit everything inside and risking your box looking like a muscle shirt worn by a gym buff. In contrast, buying a big box for only very few contents will lessen the integrity of your box from all that extra space inside.

If you can avoid it, steer clear from used boxes, they’ve already endured a battle and they will obviously be softer than a new one. If you’re trying to reduce costs, you can save on other things but not this one! But if you feel completely confident that your old box is still up for another round, it’s completely your call. You may want to make sure all labels from previous deliveries are removed, you don’t want your package arriving at a different doorstep.

Stacking Properly

You have found the perfect box, now it’s time to stack the contents. Have you ever played Tetris? That stacking game where you get points depending on how neatly you can stack the bricks? Evaluate each item according to its capacity to withstand pressure; harder items should be put in the sides, the top and the bottom part of the box while softer items should be in the middle part. 

You may want to package each item in bubble wrap to give an extra layer of protection. The spaces between items should be very minimal so the objects avoid rubbing off of each other as it may damage the contents. 

As in your clothes, you want to achieve the closest you can to a snug fit so it would be advisable to use fillers such as old newspapers, or bubble wrap if you have a lot. You also have to identify potential risk and weakness areas like handles or parts that may become detached, items that may moist therefore would need accompanying silica gel, or items that may need to be disassembled prior to packing. Take precautions when shipping out pricey and very valuable items, especially those that are one-of-a-kind and will most likely take a fortune to replace, otherwise make sure you have the appropriate insurance. 

It’s okay if it’s not the prettiest sight in terms of aesthetics, the important part is all the contents are secured in its place and ready for express delivery.

Once you’re done and completely secured in the boxes, seal it with the correct tape. Use packaging tape adequately as you seal all sides to preserve the integrity of the box. Remember, it’s your box’ first line of defense; make it count.

Choose the Right Freight Courier

You’re finally done with packing and now it’s time to send the package off! Before you drive off to the nearest freight courier service, you should ask yourself: is this the right courier service for me? Do they have good credibility and experience? 

The choice of a freight service company is almost as important as choosing the right kind of box and stacking your items properly, remember they’re the ones responsible to get your package to its intended destination. Choose one that has good credibility, has good reviews from previous clients to show for and excellent customer service to take care of your after-sales questions. 

If you make the right decision, you reduce the likelihood of becoming another horror story about damaged boxes and lost items.

Key Takeaway

The moment we decide to send our items in a box for express delivery, the exposure to damage will be an inevitable risk but if you follow the above recommendations, you can at least reduce the likelihood of it happening. 

Even if you put a “fragile” sticker on every side of your box, you can’t expect cargo handlers to treat it like fine china as they deliver hundreds, maybe even thousands of boxes on a daily basis. 

This is not to say that they won’t handle your box with the utmost care, but the responsibility of making sure that your box is strong enough to withstand reasonably (and sometimes rough) handling procedures, lies in your own hands.