How to Find Professional Plumber in Dubai

If you are currently searching for a plumber in Dubai on the internet, it’s most probable that you are a visitor. Coming to Dubai can be a marvelous experience. With a chance to see the world’s tallest building, spacious shopping malls with indoor ski slopes, Giant aquariums and a rich blend of culture and modernism.

But along with enjoying the vacations comes the responsibility of keeping your stay area nice and maintained, especially if you are in Dubai for a long time and using an apartment. Most of us don’t have good lucks with the apartments and so we end up messing the furniture, playing around with cables or the reason for this article; turning the pipes unusable.

Unlike the old days where iron pipes were the eternal opposers of humankind not letting them enjoy fresh running water, today’s pipes are more gentle towards humans but still, we tend to break them (pun) and hence antagonize them against ourselves.

Then comes our savers of the day so we could have a fresh bath and head out to Burj Khalifa. Finding Plumber in Dubai can not be much of a hard job. Although considering the place is very diverse with buildings all around, it can be a little ache in the head.

Ask around

The first thing, whether a person is a tourist or just-moved-in resident, is to make some friends. You can also talk to people and get to know each other. Their favorite colors perhaps? And when nothing is too awkward just ask for a plumber. The case applies to introverts. But if you are more of a realistic kind of person, get out of your home and ask for a plumber right away. A passer-by would be more than happy to help. Arabs are quite hospitable they say.

Asking around and doing some local research is a great idea. People tend to have a better knowledge of the local area more than the internet, moreover, there are plumbing services stores that aren’t listed on the internet and that they might charge cheaper for a better work instead of some fancy famous plumber who’s got so many clients he can’t give proper attention to every one of them.

Asking around also gives a better chance of carrying out local research and analyzing personal opinions. Some people do not like a particular service provider for no specific reason. perhaps he is lazy, dull, inattentive or not a very professional person. The opinions help you narrow down your selection list to the point you are comfortable with choosing.

Grow your network

This may take a while and some patience and a lot of talking and exploring, but it’s worth it.

And  You don’t even require to take out time from your schedule to do this.

Say you’re in a market and you happen to pass by a plumbing store. Naturally, you would dive in right away. But don’t go over pricing and services from the start. Begin by asking for his services and then asking if he knows someone down the road who can provide a service different than he’s offering. Most of the time the plumber will give a positive answer. Because people of the same profession know each other.

Mark suggested one on your Maps app. This way when you pass by the store, in a coincidence maybe, you’ll have a chance of getting to know his offerings too. Repeat the same Hollywood-act. Ask for a service he is not providing and almost every time the plumber will suggest another plumber who can.

Keep up the act for some time with different providers. When you have enough entries in your list, you can compare the prices and services and choose the best one for you.

The long term effects of this act would be that now you know a lot of plumbers. Next time someone needs a plumber like you once did, you can suggest them to him/her. Or perhaps your shower broke again and you need someone, specializing in the parts broken, to fix them. Young wouldn’t have to rush and ask and research. You already have a list to choose from.

The mighty internet

The last resort. The Last Hope… the mighty internet. When all the resources are exhausted, the Internet remains. Google plumbing services are just a google search away. The search gives you tens of results in more than one page, most of which remain unvisited eternally by the world.

The Internet is a nice way to look for a plumbing service and compare offers. Over a dozen different websites can be found on the internet just by searching plumber in Dubai. These websites try to convince you why you should choose them. Please don’t be too quick in choosing your fully sure. The only drawback is that not all the local stores are registered on the internet, which increases the chances of overlooking some real good talents. 

Besides some expensive and fancy providers with their websites. The internet also comes with a large community of freelancers who are willing to do more for less. There are certain websites online where freelancers come together and offer their services to the world. Most of the cities and countries even have their freelancing platforms where the local freelancers can be found and have them deliver their services.


Finding a professional plumber in Dubai can be tricky. The cities are crawling with quacks. Especially the ones which are popular for a high potential of providing a business boost. However, with the right plan and the right map in mind on what one wants and how one wants it, it can be made into an easy path. Past experiences could be helpful and then past experiences combined with articles like these and others, it shouldn’t be much of a thing to worry about.