How to Fix HP Printer Error Codes

You can ask everybody and the majority from them will say that the most annoying thing while using the HP Printer is its “Error Codes”. Isn’t it? Let’s suppose you have an urgent need for a printout from your printer related to your work but suddenly the display screen of the HP printer starts to flash some complex error codes which are very difficult to understand. What will you do? How will you fix this HP Printer Error Codes by yourself?

Although we don’t know exactly why these error codes occur, we can surely avoid a few of them by cleaning the HP printer regularly.

Over time, dried ink and dust can clog the ink nozzles and cause printer alignment issues, paper jam issues of HP Printer Driver and even blank spaces or streaks on the print paper. Therefore, it is mandatory to perform frequent maintenance to keep your printer in good condition so that your printer’s printouts are sharp and clear always.

To do so, you can clean your printer either automatically or manually based on the nature of the problem.

But talking specifically about HP error codes, the HP printer has a long list of error codes that cannot be explained at one place so to see the entire list of error codes, to get more information about these error messages and to know the process of how to fix them; you need to visit the HP printer error codes list on HP official website.

However, each model printer will have slightly different wording for the error, but the troubleshooting tips are generally the same. Therefore, below we’re mentioning the common errors in HP Printer and their possible solution with the help of a table:

Error No. Error Name Error Explanation How to resolve Error
HP Printer Error codes O2 Warming Up error This error is linked to printer cable or driver problems. You can resolve this error by turning off the printer and removing the printer’s cable connection and then switching on the printer again.Still if not resolved then it means there is a hardware issue. 
HP Printer Error codes 10 Supplying the memory error This error is connected to the cartridge of the printer. In this error, the printer is unable to read the electronic information to be printed from the cartridge. What you can do is, try resetting the printer by turning it off and on. Or you can even remove, reinstall or replace the cartridge.
HP Printer Error code 11 Paper out error This error depicts that printer paper is out. But in case your printer is not out of paper then this error can also occur due to faulty paper tray or paper sensor. Ensure that your printer is on a completely flat surface. Then you need to re-adjust and clean the paper tray & paper sensor. This will help you to resolve the error.
HP Printer Error code 12 The print is open or defective cooling fan error This error code appears when your printer is open or has a defective cooling fan. In this case, you have to check whether the cartridge is properly installed or not. Even though the problem continues, then this means it is a hardware issue.
HP Printer Error code 13 Paper jam error Paper jams error can occur at four levels i.e., pickup, printing, fusing & exit. Modern HP printers will indicate where the jam has occurred or not. This error code can be removed if you ensure to follow the available guide on the printer screen. However, keep in mind that in order to remove a paper jam, don’t damage the machine.
HP Printer Error code 20 Memory overflow error This error code means your print job exceeds the current memory capacity of the printer. If this code appears then reducing the DPI or making the document simpler; are just a couple of steps you can take. You can also try making the document/image simpler. In fact, you can install additional memory if available.
HP Printer Error code 21 Print Overrun Error Print overrun error means your printer memory exceeds the current memory capacity.  You can try various solutions if this error occurs. Try reducing the size of your print job. You can even try reducing the DPI or un-ticking the collate option in the printer driver. Alternatively, add additional memory if available.
HP Printer Error code 22 I/O Configuration Error This error means that the problem is with the setup of your HP Printer. Basically, it denotes that your computer and printer have a communication problem. In this scenario, try other options like connecting to a different port on the computer or try another cable. Also, make sure the computer is turned on and the cable is fully inserted at both ends. Still, if this doesn’t help then there may be a hardware issue. 

Other than that, let’s also take a look and overview of some other possible solutions for HP printer error code messages:

Clean The Print Head Automatically (For Automatic cleaning)

  • From your device, go to ‘Start’ and select ‘All programs’. 
  • Then, open the ‘Printer Menu’.
  • In ‘Printer Menu’, go to ‘Printer Service’ to select ‘Clean the Print Cartridges’.
  • After that, to properly clean the printer, click on ‘Clean’.
  • Now, to check ‘Print a test page’.
  • If the printer is working fine, click on ‘Done’ and if not, then click on ‘Intermediate Clean’ for better cleaning. 
  • Lastly, print a test page again and if things remain the same, you need to replace your ink cartridges.

Clean The Print Head Manually (For Manual cleaning)

  • Turn on your printer. Let the cartridges move to the center and then remove the power cord from the plug to completely shut down the printer.
  • Now place downwards, the wide side of the cartridge and after that use a cotton swab to gently clean the edges, nozzle plates and bottom of the ink cartridges.
  • Along with that, clean the cartridge cradle. And, then let the things dry for a while.
  • Place the cartridges back to their original position.5.      Print a test page.

After Following These Steps, You Also Need To: 

  • Replace the printhead
  • Use genuine HP ink cartridges
  • Check estimated ink levels
  • Reset the printer
  • Service the printer

That’s it! These are the possible solutions for the error messages that you can try but if you still not be able to fix the HP Printer error codes then you can visit the official HP site and contact the HP printer tech support to take instant help from the expert professional team of HP products and services.