Top 7 Best Promotional Product Videos Ever

A product video is one that elaborates and shows the product’s features and advantages. One main thing that separates a decent product video is its capacity to display how it takes care of issues. These videos play an extremely remarkable job in upgrading the search engine rankings of your product, as well as the brand. 

They will create extra enthusiasm among the customers about your brand’s ongoing activities. Not only that, but product video also helps you in increasing the traffic to your website.

You can use a promo video maker to create some unique, high-quality videos for your products. An excellent promotional product video helps you stand out in the crowd. These videos are also beneficial for building long-term relationships with customers and increasing conversion rates. 

Examples of 7 Promotional Product Videos

The following are some examples of eye-catching and successful product videos of all time.

1. M&S Food: Adventures in Wonderfood

M&S Food: Adventures in Wonderfood

The famous London based department store, Marks & Spencer, produced this video. This video primarily focuses on promoting the luxury food products offered by the brand. This video captures the breath-taking shots of food to encourage a healthy and balanced diet. 

It was visually appealing, because of the contrast between the bright and colorful food and non-diverting background, mirroring the quality and the freshness of the food. The geometric shapes were also steady, noticing the predominance of circles, round objects, and the smooth match cuts. They have used various shots like acceleration, backing track, and slow-motion to keep the audience drew in and tempted all through. 

2. The Chance – The Constant Battle: Nike Soccer

The Chance – The Constant Battle: Nike Soccer

This video promotes the Nike Football Academy, which is for youthful, unsigned soccer players hoping to be marked by a professional club. Their objective, to spur young athletes to evaluate the Academy, attempts to move individuals to go from a “great player” to a “splendid player.” This serious methodology is ideal for the intended interest group of anxious, youthful, fit competitors, and will unquestionably tempt the sort of individuals Nike is searching for its brand. 

They have used modern music in the video. It moves at the pace at which the athletes are training in the video. The angles of the shots, playback speed, and altering give a ton of motor vitality to the video, which keeps on rousing and lures the intended interest group.

3. The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club created a humorous explainer video for their product. The eye-catching title is the top-most reason among the various other reasons because of which this promotional video went viral. The start-up named their “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”. An appealing and unique title urges individuals to watch the video. The start-up attempted to associate with the target group by simply conveying a story. They have also incorporated comparative marketing in their video by referencing how their product is less expensive than the other products. Another reason behind their success was that they are aware of their intended interest group. This explainer video is basic but thriving, with more than 11 million views.

4. So Yeah, We Tried Slack

So Yeah, We Tried Slack

Slack is a business communication application, an option in contrast to different messaging platforms. Their promotional video plays like a scene of a parody arrangement and utilizes a meeting design that causes the video to feel reasonable, trustworthy, and legitimate. The meeting or tribute group is the simplest configuration to persuade prospects as it is 100% straightforward and causes the crowd to associate with the interviewee.

5. Always: #LikeAGirl

Always: #LikeAGirl

The brand, Always, has fantastic brand awareness, and it knows its intended interest group – women. Their colossally effective campaign #likeagirl circulated around the web with more than 61 million views. They do not mention their product even once in the video. But they use emotional appeal to connect with their audience by addressing something that most ladies have encountered in their life.

6. Greenpeace: The Little Explorer

Greenpeace: The Little Explorer

This promotional video does not focus on selling more products, yet about bringing issues to light about overfishing and its extreme repercussions. This Greenpeace video was gigantically compelling, with more than 500,000 views.

The video portrays a youthful girl investigating the base of the sea in her creative mind, pulling on our heartstrings. We are given knowledge of her imaginative mind, her interest, and marvel before being suddenly shocked. Others’ selfish activities – overfishing break the little youngster’s fantasies.

7. GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

The marketing strategy of GoPro is fundamental. They do not mention their product even once. They rouse you to need to investigate and encounter your general surroundings while recording it in a straightforward way that never reduces the experience. There are more than 28 million GoPro videos on YouTube, and they are on the whole exceptionally fruitful.

Product promotional videos can help create a brand image and convey your message to the target audience, thereby increasing sales.