Rake in Profits by Making Your Shopify Store Load Faster

Did you know that 90% of online shoppers leave a website if it doesn’t load fast enough? If you are running an online business, the sheer importance of not testing current and prospective customers’ patience cannot be stressed enough. Failure to make them see your products without much delay could result in your competition is ahead of the game.

SEO experts say that, generally, your website should load in three seconds or less. The faster it loads, the better the chance your customers will make a purchase.

Due to this, your Shopify store must not take a long time to load, whether it is accessed using a desktop or mobile device. Using SEO for Shopify is an effective way to get rid of the most common reasons for a slow-loading website. With so many strategies to choose from, there is no reason for your website to get on your customers’ nerves.

Keep the Number of Images to a Minimum

Having a visually stunning Shopify store can help keep online shoppers engaged and interested. If they love what they see on their desktop or mobile device’s screen, they are less likely to head to a different website to shop.

Unfortunately, having lots of images can cause a slow loading time, especially if the images are high resolution, and the customers have slow internet speeds.

It is why it is a great idea to limit the number of images on your Shopify store. Upload only those that can help make your website appealing and the shopping process delightful for the customers. If an image does not contribute something significant to your website, get rid of it. There is no point in having eye-catching images if the customers don’t get to see them due to visiting a different online vendor.

Optimise Every Image on Your Site

Aside from keeping the number of your website’s images to a minimum, it is also important that every image is optimised. Doing so can help ensure that all of them will appear as soon as your customers visit your Shopify store.

Fortunately, you need not be a Photoshop whiz to optimise images before uploading them to your site and keeping your customers running out of patience.

You can choose from several tools for optimising images. What’s more, many of them come free of charge. All these tools help reduce the file size of images without causing them to lose a lot of details.

Refrain from assuming that reducing the file size is the only way to optimise images. According to SEO experts, you can further optimise images by naming them descriptively, using plain language. You should also include alt attributes to keep your customers from being in the dark if the image that they are looking at cannot be displayed.

Choose a Fast-Loading Shopify Store Theme

You can make your Shopify store look unique and appealing with the help of themes. There are hundreds of them to choose from. Some come free of charge, while others are premium. With the right theme, you can make your website a striking visual representation of what you, the business owner, and your products stand for.

When choosing a theme, you should keep in mind your products. Doing so allows you to figure out whether your online store should exude fun or have a more serious vibe.

However, it is not just your niche that needs to be considered but the loading time, too. Some themes can make a Shopify store load slower because of the features and design elements, while others are very good at making your website load in a snap.

The takeaway: choose a Shopify theme that can make your store good-looking without causing your customers to wind up looking for another website to visit and shop from.

Uninstall the Apps That You Don’t Need

Lastly, it is not just the theme that you should carefully pick but also the apps that you will install. Whether you use the app or not, it will be loaded, impacting your Shopify store’s loading time.

Just because there are many apps to choose from doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of as many of them as possible.

If you want SEO for Shopify to help make your online business boom, only install apps that are essential and useful for your venture. Uninstalling anything that you don’t need can help spare your customers from having to wait for a long time to see your products.