Roof Inspection Tips for New Homeowners

Your new Austin area home represents a big investment for you and your family. The roof of your new home is a critical component of the home’s overall value and essential for protection from the elements.  An investment in a home should always include a thorough roof inspection. You may recall the bank’s requirement to have the roof inspected as part of the closing. A well-maintained roof should last 20 years or more and that is what every new homeowner should expect.

Your home’s roof protects the entire house from damage from wind, rain and Texas-size hail. Water and mold damage can cause significant problems. As a new homeowner, it is important to plan for regular roof maintenance. This maintenance effort can start with your basic care and inspection of the roof but should include an inspection expert on an annual basis to ensure there are no deep, hidden issues. The tips for new homeowners involve regular maintenance and annual expert inspection.

Regular Care

With your new home, you are quickly discovering all types of new maintenance concerns and more and more do-it-yourself repairs. When it comes to your roof regular basic maintenance is very important to avoid any risks to the structural integrity of your house from water damage, but also to avoid any health risks that can arise from leaking water and mold.

Homeowner roof care should start with cleaning the gutters. The buildup of leaves in the gutters can force water into areas that can later cause leaks and damage.  The best times to clean roof gutters are in the Spring and Fall. The Austin area weather is best during these times of year. This ensures your roof is ready for summer rain and keeps you off the ladder on a cold and windy winter day.  This regular care plan should include ladder safety. A well-maintained, quality ladder is an important tool for a new homeowner.

While cleaning the gutters, do a complete visual inspection of the roof tiles or shingles. If you see any loose or missing shingles or shingles that are curled or worn, it is time for some maintenance. You will need a professional to perform the maintenance, but your visual inspection gives you a good understanding of the roof’s overall condition and helps the roofing contractor get started.

Find a Qualified Pro

The home owner’s process of finding a professional to do a complete roof inspection or perform any maintenance requires some research. Your roof is a critical part of your home’s structure and you need a serious pro for any roof repairs. You want an Austin roofing contractor with business credentials and a solid reputation. Get some local advice from neighbors. Check references and discuss other’s experiences with quality, on-time work. Take some time to look into the contractor’s warranty and insurance provisions. A true roofing pro can evaluate a roof’s condition with specialized infra-red sensors that won’t require inspectors to tear up any part of the roof. You want a comfortable and safe home.  Have A qualified Austin roofing contractor complete an inspection on your new home’s roof once a year.