Share the Pride: Support LGBTQ

LGBTQ sounds like a new theme to the conservative and orthodox world. But there were LGBTQ people always around us, and so will be in the future. But in the past, most people used to think being an LGBTQ member is not normal. In some places, people still treat it as a sin and crime. But in this progressive world, we know anyone’s sexuality, and sexual expression is as personal as being straight. None have the right to treat them less or hurt because they do not comply with the normal definition of sexuality. That’s why since 1969, front-liners of the LGBTQ community have been celebrating July as the month of pride to educate people about their lifestyle, behavior, and thoughts. In this month-long ceremony, they wear rainbow-colored dresses to express the variety among us. Besides cultural commemoration, speech, and publishing, recent development establishing worldwide is the motto.

What Is LGBTQ?

LGBTQ stands for the community of people who are not cissexual. The city is consists of lesbian (a female who is attracted sexually and gets gratification from a female); Gay( A male who is sexually attracted to another male); Bisexual( a person who is equally attracted to both male and female).  Transgender (a person who outlaws the specific gender role), Queer (a person who does not show rigid sexual orientation). According to some popular research, only 4.5% of the members accept being a member of the LGBTQ community. But there are more. As human beings, we should support them in every way possible. Let’s get to know about some ideas for helping the LGBTQ clan.

Ways of Supporting LGBTQ clan 

The first way of supporting any belief is to educate yourself about it. Otherwise, blind support does not bring any good, and easily anyone can trick you. So, read at first and know the psychological conditions and emotions of LGBTQ people. It’ll be easier to mix up with them, and they’ll feel more comfortable around you. In our current society the toughest part is being the parent of an LGBTQ child. Here you have to be headstrong and support your kid. Show them empathy and make them feel that you love them despite a different sexual orientation. Nowadays, the suicide rate among LGBTQ youth is lower than before. But it’s still alarmingly higher than the straight or cis people. If you think the matter is getting out of hand, you may contact the teen and youth sevices Camarillo. This service and many like this one are working with trained people to help the LGBTQ youth and support them. 

Keep your mind open. As we mentioned earlier, only a small portion of people accepts being LGBTQ in the first meeting. But treating strictly everyone you meet as a straight person is not the way. Remember treating cissexual as normal sex is not the thing. You have to accept the variation at first; then, you will truly support them. If someone close to you is a member of the LGBTQ community or just discovering this sexuality, don’t discourage or pressure them, saying it’s just a phase or you will fix it. There is nothing to fix. It is the way they are, just like the other person who thinks attraction to the opposite sex is normal. 


We all need to be careful about whether the media is acting very positively to support the LGBTQ. But do not stereotype all of the LGBTQ people as some famous TV character. They are extremely diverse and can behave out of your imagination. Support them as they are about life.