Spy WhatsApp on Android Mobile Phone

Are you looking for a tool to spy WhatsApp on an android mobile phone? We have come up with the WhatsApp spy app letting the user to remotely monitor instant messaging app on any android mobile phone or tablet. The app is intended for parents and employers to sneak into the instant messages of their children and workers. The high-tech tracker app enables the end-user to read online chats of the object without accessing the phone. Read on to know how you can make use of the app to spy on WhatsApp and many other commonly used instant messengers.

WhatsApp Messenger

Instant messaging apps have overwhelmed default messaging apps by offering advanced features for communication. The user of top-notch instant messaging apps can exchange text messages, photos, videos, audios, and more stuff. WhatsApp is one of the commonly used instant messengers providing users with a variety of user-friendly features. It allows exchanging images, videos, audios, contacts, GPS locations, documents, text, emoticons, and stickers to make the communication fun. In addition to it, the app offers voice and video calls to single or multiple contacts at a time.

The app uses the internet to enable the user to communicate through messaging and calls. The instant messenger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installation, it requires a valid mobile phone number to successfully run. The app syncs contacts saved on the phone to let the user converse with those who are already using the instant messaging app. The instant messenger allows other WhatsApp users to find you using your mobile phone number.    

Why Spy WhatsApp

There are several reasons to spy on WhatsApp messenger of someone else. For instance, parents can track the instant messaging app of their children to prevent them from wrongdoings and protect them from bullies and predators. There are business persons who might be searching for a tool to spy on WhatsApp of their employees to supervise internal and external communication. The supervision of instant messages of working staff enables employers to prevent them from unauthorized data transfer and unproductive chats.      

How to Spy on WhatsApp

The instant messenger can be monitored with the help of the WhatsApp tracker app. Parents can track instant messages of their children by getting their android mobile phones installed with the app. The business persons can track company-owned android devices to supervise online and offline conversations made through these devices.

How WhatsApp Spy App Work

The WhatsApp monitoring app works confidentially without leaving any clue on the targeted phone. Once you install the app on the target device, the app gets access to data saved on the phone. It includes messages, contacts, call logs, media files and stuff related to instant messaging apps including WhatsApp. The app uploads the data to the online account of the spyware software. The end-user can log into the online account to retrieve the uploaded data. The account can be operated from any mobile phone or computer device.

What Can WhatsApp Tracker App Do?

The cell phone tracker app can spy on WhatsApp messages, call logs, media files and information related to the instant messenger. Given features of the app explain what the tracker app can do.


Read WhatsApp Chats
The messages exchanged by the concerned individual can be supervised with the spy app. The app creates a secret online backup of instant chats to enable the end-user to retrieve messages without accessing the original device.  

Retrieve WhatsApp Media Files
The media files exchanged through the WhatsApp messenger can be retrieved from the secret online account of the WhatsApp surveillance app.

Screen Recorder
The app records the screen of the targeted device to enable the end-user to capture activities performed on the instant messenger. The screen recording can be started by sending remote commands from the online control panel.

Track WhatsApp Calls
The monitoring app lets you track WhatsApp calls of your concerned person. It provides access to WhatsApp call logs containing detail of inward and outward calls of the object.  

The WhatsApp monitoring app is compatible with mobile phones running Android operating system version 5 and above. It includes Samsung, Motorola, LG, Haier, HTC, Sony, Huawei and many other mobile phones and tablets. It does not support TCL devices.