The Art of SEO – Rank on Top Page without Backlinks in 2020

What is the meaning of the art of SEO? I mean it about some different or alternative techniques to rank on the top page.

Today I will share with you a case study where we rank a keyword on the top page without backlinks. 

First, let’s see what my keyword was:

My keyword was “Why You Need SEO for Your Website”

Who were the competitors?

In this keyword, my main competitors are MOZ, search engine land, search engine journal, web fx, etc. If you are an SEO professional, you must know that all the above websites are very high authority websites. But my site is very new (only 270 days age) and domain authority is only 15. 

You don’t believe that after publishing the article; the said keyword takes only 5 months to rank on the top page. 

How the Keyword Rank on the Top Page

Actually I believe in the quality of articles. First, I have written an article where I have described from website to website marketing everything. 

You will find in this article all about websites, the importance of websites, how to get traffic to your website, marketing tools, how to get organic traffic, what is the benefit of organic traffic, how you can get ranking on the top page easily everything.

In my opinion, an article is a king, and here the article plays a key role to rank on the top page.

How I Decorated this Article

Article decoration is one of the main Art of SEO.  You can insert related images, infographics, podcasts, and videos.

I have just decorated my article with some unique images and videos.  First I optimized the images and video, then I inserted them. 

Images and video optimization play a vital role in building your traffic funnel.

Make the Articles Multi-Language Compatible

If your article is multi-language compatible, the ranking option of your article will increase. Just think, Japanese people, search in their own language.  Your blog’s primary language is English but you have set up multi-language options in your blog. Now search engines will consider your blog as the Japanese language.  But if your blog is not compatible with multi-language, and your primary language is English, search engines will never consider your article when traffic search in other languages. 

So, it is very important to make your website or blog multi-language compatible. That is why I made my blog multi-language compatible.

Building Traffic Funnel

Building a traffic funnel is very important for getting traffic to your website. It also helps you to get ranking. You can build traffic funnels in many ways. 

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Video marketing
  1. Social Media Marketing

    Social media always plays a vital role to bring traffic to your website. You don’t believe that social media marketing is my primary and main marketing tool for getting traffic to my website.

    There are easy and simple steps to create social media strategies. When you write a good article and share it on many social media platforms, you will get a lot of traffic to your blog and they will spend their valuable time on your website.  

    Here, the key factor for ranking on the top page is getting more traffic who will spend more valuable time on your website.

    This strategy is different from other SEO expert strategy and this is the art of SEO.

  2. Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a very good marketing technique and an important digital marketing tool. There are many SEO experts like me, who don’t believe in building backlinks. 

    After publishing an article, I always concentrate on its marketing; I don’t try to build backlinks for improving DA or PA.  I believe that if my article is good, I can reach the traffic, they enjoy it, they will give the reference link of my blog on their own blog, and this will give me more traffic as well as domain authority or page authority.

    This technique is the best example of the art of SEO. 

    I just send my link of the article to the subscribers of my website through email. When they like and engage in my article and like it, they start sharing on their own blog and social networks. It helps me to get more traffic as well as improve my DA or PA.

  3. Content Marketing

    You must be able to build a perfect content marketing strategy. Content always can take extra attention from the traffic. So, if you can make interesting content like image, infographic or animated image, it will help you to get traffic to your website.  Engaging more traffic to the website means increasing the chance of ranking on the top page.

    I have just followed this. I have made some extraordinary content for marketing and share the content on many social platforms.  

    I inserted my blog or article link when I made content. So that traffic can click on my link and can visit my blog. 

  4. Video Marketing

    Video marketing is becoming very popular day by day. No matter whatever your blog or article is about, make a video related to the niche. Insert your blog or article link in your video. Now publish it on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

    When you publish your video on YouTube, you can easily get more traffic as YouTube is the most visited social platform in the world. You can also monetize your YouTube channel when you get some visitors and subscribers to your channel.

    For the said keyword “Why You Need SEO for Your Website” I have made a video where I described SEO why it’s needed. I published my video on my YouTube channel and then I published the video on my blog. After publishing my video content on YouTube channel I have shared the YouTube channel link on all social media platforms. It helps me in two ways.  

    I have got some visitors for my YouTube channel and obviously got a lot of traffic to my blog. Not only has that, but publishing a video on the YouTube channel also improved my domain authority.

End Words

In this article, I have shared one of my works. If you know SEO, no matter who your competitors are or their domain authority. Just think intelligent and draw the art of SEO.