Top 13 Best Tech Websites to Stay Updated in 2020

Looking for the best tech websites for 2020? 

It is inconceivable to imagine our lives without technology especially when every other thing that surrounds us is powered through it. From Cars, Smartphones to Gadgets, every single thing represents some sort of technological invention. That’s not it, every hour new products and techniques are introduced or updates are released for the existing ones. 

When you live in a world that is constantly changing, it becomes evident to stay updated. Currently, every piece of information related to anything is available on the internet including technical updates and inventions. But how to decide what to believe and what is just spam? Some websites provide misleading information while the best tech websites put their hard work and efforts to impart the best technical information to its audience. It may be a cumbersome task to differentiate between the two. Isn’t it?

Here is a list of 13 Best Tech Websites to Stay Updated in 2020

I have compiled the list of top 13 best tech websites that you must look forward in 2020 to get the latest updates about technical innovations, have a look:

  1. Techcrunch
    TechCrunch is one of the popular and best tech websites that reviews tech products and companies. The website offers quality information related to new gadgets in addition to technology news. It has attracted more than 50,000 active users and the reason is its detailed and unbiased reviews. Moreover, they post the reviews as soon as the product hits the market. It has its own ‘CrunchBase’ that has a massive database of tech startups.

  2. Techradar
    If you need tech buying advice, TechRadar is all you need. It offers the latest technology news and reviews gadget-related top tech websites. A guide on the latest tablets, wearables, audio equipment, laptops, mobiles, etc., TechCrunch also provides a rating on different Smartphones, mobiles, and laptops. The reviews and other information are available in plain English that is easily understandable by all.

  3. Get Assist
    Get Assist has a good collection of troubleshooting articles and blogs of different technological inventions. It mainly addresses issues and problems related to emailing platforms, ms office, Facebook, Google, and other useful online services. It even covers different other genres such as gadgets, latest mobile phones, social media, reviews and much more.

  4. Wired offers information on the latest trends in technology. Wires are one of the best tech websites, If you are looking for news related to the latest technological inventions or updates, it is a one-stop platform for all your technical needs such as upcoming latest gadgets, science, entertainment, etc. You can keep yourself updated about the latest trends in technology, current events and much more.

  5. The Verge
    If you are into gadgets and other cool stuff, The Verge is a great platform to obtain tech news and gadget reviews. They even have a YouTube channel where you will find several well-produced and informative videos. The science section covers a lot of interesting scientific theories and happenings. There are numerous other categories that make it easy to look for the content you need.

  6. VentureBeat
    The website is entirely dedicated to the latest tech news and you will not find any futile stuff. For those who want to keep themselves updated with the latest tech news can bookmark it. You will get all sorts of information from the most innovative tech gaming companies, the people behind them to the money invested.

  7. Digital Trends
    It is another largest hub of technology, computer gaming devices as well as lifestyle guides. It even covers other areas such as cars, photography, and music. From the latest gadget news to detailed product analysis, Digital Trends is the one-stop platform to get information about the latest digital trends.

  8. Mashable
    Mashable is one full-fledged infotainment website that covers topics like entertainment, business, politics, science, and others. It offers the latest happenings in the technological world and the product launches from all across the globe. Netizens who are always on the hunt for the latest technology news, gadgets, science, and other interesting stuff contribute to the majority of the visitors to this website.

  9. The Information
    The information website is for those who don’t want to remain the average tech geek. You will find thoroughly researched and well-written articles about the latest inventions in the technology industry. The website is full of long-form content written by the senior journalists to complete you updated with reliable tech news. Although they only offer paid service, it is worth investing.

  10. The Next Web
    For technical geeks, it is nothing less than a treasure. With more than 7 month monthly visitors, ‘The Next Web’ has everything you need to know about the business and the culture of the latest technology introduced in the market.

    An entire section is dedicated to the next generation of gadgets. For the latest news on games, designer assets, software, web services and gadgets launched in the market, you can keep a regular check on the website. You will also find information about lifestyle products, that’s why the website receives around 10 million page views per month.

  11. Tech2
    Tech2 shares articles and guides on the latest gadgets such as TV, laptop, mobile and gaming devices. It even covers videos, podcasts, and pictures related to the newest trends in technology. You can easily do a comparison of new gadgets on this website. The ‘How to’ tab has several incredible and informational articles.

  12. Make Use Of
    For some, technology may be quite confusing and overwhelming. But ‘Make Use of’ is one website that is going to make it easy for you by simplifying everything.  A simplified guide to the tech world is what they are known for. From the sections available, you can learn a lot and add something useful to your technical know-how.

  13. Way Binary
    The last nomination for the list is Way Binary that is still running its race but has some of the finest pieces of troubleshooting articles related to technology. They have different categories such as ‘Top 10’, ‘Troubleshoot’, ‘How To’ and ‘Reviews’ and you can directly click on the one that interests you, as simple as that.

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