Top-5 Qualities of Strong Host Bar Player to Work at the Host Bar in Korea

In the last couple of decades, the concept of the host bar is groundbreaking steps to break down South Korea’s conservative social structure. It has possible due to these countries ‘ growing economies. The host bar is not typical pubs or clubs, it’s an entertainment venue where women can come and relax by drinking, singing, and playing games with male employees, basically, the place will provide and offer you the most memorable night in Korea.

Since host bars are mainly wealthy women’s entertainment venues, that’s why it’s a booming business in South Korea, which has been creating a great job source of a handsome male.  If you are extroverted enough, willing to see and talk to a beautiful lady, want to take a sip of alcohol with the beat touching your heart, there is nothing better than this job, especially for college students. 

Nowadays, it’s actually very complicated to describe the average income earned by host bar players a day, that’s why many people are curious about this job. So the article provides some qualities to become a host bar player introduced by that will make you a perfect candidate for this job.  Even more, after reading this article from top to bottom, you can get an accurate knowledge of how to deliver great customer service will represent you well throughout your short times or a long time career with customer appreciation.

  1. Handsome Face and Attractive Body Fitness
    Since wealthy female customers have the chance to select and pay for male companions, so it is common, she always wants a man who has attractive body fitness. For the sake of that, it is vital for the host bar player to have a handsome face and taller, and even it is difficult to compete with other host bar players. 

    In point of fact, if you are able to attract the customer through your impressive body fitness, then you can only select to spend memorable times and opportunities to make money with entertainment. In many, it was seen that women sometimes spend at the cost of thousands of pounds a night for a host bar player attractive look.

  2. The Ability to Identifying Guest Style
    Before entering with customers in the room, it is the first priority to determine your guest preferences. In fact, each person has an attraction, and the standard of seeing people is different, so it only a matter of time before you can become preferable for this job if you refresh your drinking manners and mindset and find your strengths and appeal. 

    Besides, it is imperative to understand the customer’s disposition as if you keep talking to customers in a quiet atmosphere and eat them immediately. Essentially, to identify the guest style, you can say something is spoken to say friendly.  

  3. Proficiency to Interact Well with Customers
    A positive attitude and excellent communication skills are mandatory facts to become a host bar player in South Korea. In that case, the first thing is that the smile never escapes from the face all the time. To improve communication skills, when you say the first few words, the reaction is ‘oh, blah, you think so because the weather is perfect today. 

    Moreover, when you enter the room, you can see the hearts coming out of your eyes, so if you look at it, you will catch the point and try to develop communication. It’s best to have guests sitting next to you without overdoing or harassing them and just talking moderately. Try to keep up good communication and fantastic situations until last.

  4. Possesses Premium Customer Service skills
    Since the host bar is a great entertainment source for women, surprisingly, many famous female entertainers come to visit secretly. So it would help if you had the ability to handle those premium customers smartly. When you smartly adjust your condition, you can make more profit. 

    If you hold on for up to better recreation with customers, you can sometimes run through the room with your nominated player and make your profile as likable as possible. Therefore these adult entertainment businesses are quickly increasing; you should make better images to make some serious cash.

  5. Great time management and Situational awareness
    As a host bar player, you face a situation where your customer has been over drunk; now, what can do about this situation. To become a host bar player, you should be kept aware of this situation to be smartly handled. Besides, it would be possible to face any harmful situation, but you can’t be frustrating; you provide amateur psychology services. 

    In this place, since women come and relax by drinking, singing, and playing games with male employees, it’s important to stay calm and patient with them while they decide. It will be best if you have an ability to great time management, especially when it’s particularly spent time with the customers. Although it is complicated, you should have an authentic manner to intestines your customers.