Top 7 Best Free YouTube Thumbnail Makers

When we talk about YouTube, the thumbnail is the most important content that can act as a small marketing technique. As we all know, YouTube is the second largest search engine with 1.9 billion monthly users. So, if you want to promote your brand further, it is the right platform to do so. And for that, you need the best free YouTube thumbnail maker to create amazing YouTube video thumbnails.

The reason behind is that most people love to watch videos about a product or check tutorials or reviews about service as it is more retainable. But posting a simple video won’t get you good results, and that is why YouTube thumbnails are so important. Here is a glance at why they are important:

  • They are a cover of your video, and people judge a book by its cover. So, if they like the thumbnail, they will click on the video; otherwise, they won’t.
  • Custom thumbnails make your video unique amongst the crowd of tons of videos
  • Furthermore, YouTube thumbnails give a small glance at what the video will hold which encourages users more to click on your link.

The real trick here. is to create a custom thumbnail that appeals to people and encourages them to click on it. Not only that, but it’s also crucial that the video is relevant to the thumbnail so that people don’t leave the video in between.

In other words, you need to create the best YouTube thumbnails for your video. For that, you need to know the free YouTube thumbnail generator.

7 Best Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker Software for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

Here are 7 free YouTube thumbnail creator for making the perfect YouTube thumbnails.

  1. Canva (Most Recommended Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker)
    Canva is the best free thumbnail maker online for creating graphics. Using this YouTube thumbnail maker, professionals and non-professionals both can create amazing YouTube thumbnails. An amateur in designing who is looking to grow their YouTube channel by introducing custom thumbnails can achieve this using Canva.

    This free thumbnail editor you can access via mobile too is more than just a platform for thumbnail creation. It lets you create images for your YouTube background or blog, and so on. You can edit images on it, create gifs, slideshow, use templates for invitations or cards, and so on.

    In short, it is a one-stop destination for all your designing needs. It lets you select the platform for which you are designing the thumbnail and then accordingly it selects text and graphics for it. You can customize it and use the smooth drag and drop feature to create it within minutes.

    Most of the features of Canva are free, but for advanced features, it is $12. 99 per month.

  2. Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos
    This best Thumbnail Maker has 4.6 ratings on Google store, it is another great tool for designing custom thumbnails for your channel. In addition to thumbnail, you can also create banners, and channel art for your channel.

    It will take you minutes to use this app, and create an amazing and relevant thumbnail for your channel. It is an easy tool to use, so even a person who has no experience in designing will be able to use it.

    – It lets you download trending YouTube stickers for highlighting the best part of your videos.
    – It has a font keyword that lets you choose the best ones from it.
    – It has an option to create a photo collage.

  3. Fotojet
    FotoJet YouTube thumbnail creator is designed specially to create YouTube thumbnails. It provides over 500 templates that help you create art for YouTube including thumbnails. Of course, you can design and edit images using this app as well.

    Features of Fotojet:-

    – It is a free thumbnail maker app, no need for registration or download.
    – It is a powerful tool that helps you design high-quality graphics effortlessly.
    – Templates included in it are professional which makes designing elements easier.

  4. Adobe Spark
    Adobe Spark is one of the professional and best thumbnail maker. It holds the top points when it comes to the designing tool on Google store. It is available to download on Android apps, so this is one of the limitations of this tool. It doesn’t only give you an option to create thumbnails for various social media sites but also lets you create short videos in animation.

    Text effects, filters, editing, font styles, and so on are some things you get while designing thumbnails using this app. It is a free app that lets you create posters and invitations with a single tap. Also, you can sync your android app with the computer version so that you can work anywhere. You can even share your designs instantly on various social media platforms.

  5. PicMonkey
    PicMonkey is one of the best tools for designing thumbnails and other graphics for YouTube on Android. Use this app to create banners for any of your social media platforms.

    Here are more features:
    – One unique feature is its ability to erase the background.
    – Add unique features to up the quality of your images.
    – Share the images with ease on various platforms.
    – It lets you resize and crop your image with ease.

  6. Fotor
    It is one of the tools with advanced features for creating quality thumbnails for your channel. The thing about this tool is that it has appealing themes from every corner of the world. So, you have the option to choose from tons of engaging themes to encourage the audience to click on it.

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    It lets you customize the thumbnail and add elements like text, and font to make it as per your preference. Its basic features don’t require you to sign in, but to save the work to cloud or share on social media, you certainly need to sign-up.

  7. Ultimate Thumbnail Maker
    With more than 4.6 stars from thousands of users, it is one of the best thumbnail maker for your channel. With a simple to use interface, you can create art for your channel within minutes.

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    It lets you add tons of elements to your thumbnail like stickers, fonts, emojis, filters, 3-D rotation, and so on.

    As humans, we retain visual information better than other forms of information. So, it is crucial to create the best thumbnails for your channel, and with these apps, you can accomplish that goal.