Top Branding Design Trends in 2020

In 2020, businesses will want to approach branding differently than in the previous year, even in the previous decade. The market will likely see tougher competition along with evolving technology that, together, have already been transforming the branding game in significant ways. Nowadays, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to do a lot more than just be visually different. 

Branding today consists of a wide variety of elements, including genuine customer relationships, social consciousness, and communication that’s community-centric. To put it bluntly, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to effective branding design. 

Of course, it’s not simple or even clear to figure out what your company needs in terms of branding if you’re not a branding expert. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to find and hire a reliable, experienced top brand company to create a relevant brand for you. 

Either way, even if you’re not going to take care of your branding needs personally, it’s always good to understand what’s currently going on. There are quite a few trends surrounding branding design today, but we’ve gathered some of the top branding trends that you’ll want to keep your eye on in 2020. 

5 Top Branding Design Trends

Branding Design Trend #1: Using More Advanced Technologies 

Certain immersive technologies, such as chatbots, let companies interact with their clients more effectively than ever before. They’re also influencing trends in branding design that are soon to appear. 

Chatbots aren’t anything new, but what is new is the way AI is improving them. Advancements in more human-like AI are allowing chatbots to connect with customers in ways we’ve never seen in the past, with customized responses based on specific queries that give the illusion of speaking with a real sales rep. This AI has also enabled businesses to use a more conversational approach to guide users through the buyer’s journey, from the engagement stage all the way to the final sale. 

Although it might seem ideal to use people to communicate with customers as often as you can, it would cost a lot to employ a team of live chat personnel to be available at all times. At the same time, customers do like to use live chat features as opposed to phone calls or emails. 

Thankfully, live chat AI is getting better by the day so you can get the most out of this feature. 

Branding Design Trend #2: Emphasizing Personalization 

When it comes down to it, people will always connect with the brand, not the product. If they can relate to your company in a way that truly speaks to them, you’ll be able to gain their trust more easily. It’s important to develop relationships with your customers rather than simply attempt to sell them something. 

One of the best ways to personalize your brand is through storytelling. You can use your marketing and advertising strategies to tell various stories that relate to your customers’ lifestyles, aspirations, or other aspects to show that you understand them and their needs. 

If you want to personalize your brand in a way that’s truly effective, you’ll need to consider the kind of personality your business should project and the type of voice you should have. Brands need to give the sense that there’s a human element behind them–they’re not merely entities attempting to make money. This is why a combination of automation and personalization is more important than ever. 

You can also further personalize your brand by telling your own story, giving people a behind-the-scenes look at your operations with a chance to see employees at work. Personalization will ultimately matter as much as it ever has this year.

Branding Design Trend #3: Providing a Unique Customer Experience for Higher Loyalty 

The key to getting customers to remain loyal to your brand is to provide them with the best possible customer experience. One of the most important aspects of the customer experience is availability, as customers should be able to contact a company at any time of the day, with the ability to track orders in real-time or even communicate with blog writers for additional information or to provide their own input. 

Forming the ideal customer experience is no longer simply about offering gifts or perks. You need to establish yourself as a brand that outmatches your competitors. This year, customer experience is projected to be the biggest differentiator for businesses, above both price and product. 

Branding Design Trend #4: Developing a Robust Community 

Branded communities are increasingly important for businesses to develop. Through these forums, businesses can give customers a platform to discuss the brand and give their own advice on how to improve it. Brands can use a community to talk about products and attempt to understand customer needs without tiresome promotion. 

The best communities will give customers a place to connect with the brand and ask any questions while sharing experiences with other customers, discussing trends, sharing feedback, and making suggestions for unique ways to use products. Communities are potential hubs for creativity as much as they are places for customers to connect with a company. 

Branding Design Trend #5: Making Sure Mobility is in Place 

Mobile interaction with businesses will continue to be crucial this year. It’s already been a big part of branding, but businesses won’t have any chance of succeeding if they don’t optimize for mobile use by next year. Make sure every aspect of the user experience is optimized for mobile use, from CTA buttons and website content to emails and their subject lines. 

You can also develop email marketing strategies that are more targeted and offer curated content to mobile users, emphasizing quality over quantity. 


Branding is now more customer-centric than it has been, and it will be even more so in 2020 and beyond. Applying any of these branding design trends to your business will help you get the most from your marketing efforts and improve both visibility and loyalty. You won’t fall behind if you take the right steps to develop your brand as branding trends turn from more traditional to unconventional. 

Of course, hiring the right brand design company is crucial, since you need experts by your side to make all the right decisions related to your business. A reliable branding agency will ensure that your business’ core message is properly communicated to your target audience so that it makes a strong impact on your prospective and existing customers. And, of course, such an agency will know all the current brand design trends and apply them to your business.