11 Top Suppliers of Promotional Gifts in UAE

Promotional gifts are necessary to entice the target audience and draw their attention to your brand. High-quality products with your brand logo on them can drive customer’s attention to your business. Hence, here are some of the best suppliers of promotional gifts.

Top Suppliers of Promotional Gifts

  • Peacock Advertising and Gift Supply

    Established in 1994, Peacock Advertising and Gift Supply have been one of the top suppliers of promotional gifts and corporate giveaways. With over ten thousand products in its catalog, customers get a diverse collection to choose from. It provides exceptional service and helps its customers create their brand identity. It has a world-class team with top designers and professionals to provide you assistance. 

    Some of the product categories include technology accessories, office accessories,  t-shirt, caps and mug printing, bags and travel accessories, wellness accessories, etc.

  • Naazme Gifts and Trading LLC

    A well-renowned supplier of promotional gifts in Dubai, Naazme Gifts and Trading LLC deals in various corporate gifts, promotional items and advertising products. It gives a wide range of products to choose from, ranging from affordable gift items to luxury giveaways. It offers customized promotional items according to the clients’ requirements and designs them with your brand’s logo and name. Some of the products provided by the company are travel wallets, office folders, notebooks, pens, wireless speakers, power banks, travel adapters, coffee mugs, mousepads, jute bags, cloth bags, etc.

  • Tag-Tek Trading LLC

    Business promotional gifts strengthen your relations with your customers and employees. Tag-Tek can be a one-stop solution for all your requirements as it offers numerous unique promotional gifts and corporate giveaway products. With an experience of 10 years in the industry, it has a huge customer base with clients from UAE as well as all over the world. It has a well-experienced team that understands the requirements of the client and provides the best solutions. You can always trust them for getting high-quality products at competitive prices. 

  • Shass Gift Trading LLC

    One of the leading suppliers of promotional gifts in Dubai, Shass Gift Trading LLC provides a diverse range of services to several industries across the Middle East. It offers customized items according to the customer’s needs. Ranging from pens to technology, it deals with every type of promotional gift item in the market. With a team of experts, it promises to deliver the best services to the customers and work until they achieve satisfaction.

  • Farbe Gifts Trading LLC

    Farbe Gifts Trading LLC has proven to be one of the most trusted brands in UAE as well as other Middle East countries. It offers an extensive range of promotional gifts in Dubai including items such as gift sets, Bluetooth and wireless speakers, bags and travel accessories, awards, souvenirs, drinkware, organizers and notebooks, pens, power banks and chargers, USBs and memory devices and many more. It also provides printing services which means you can buy the best-quality t-shirts with your brand logo and name engraved on it.

  • Al Hadiya Advertising Requisites LLC

    With thousands of efficacious products in its catalog, Al Hadiya Advertising Requisites LLC offers a wide range of promotional gift items customized according to the client’s requirements. It is one of the leading suppliers of advertising projects in Dubai and ensures the accountability of its products. It has a team of well-experienced professionals that assist you in buying the best quality products for your brand identity. You get to choose from a high range of products available to you at affordable prices. 

  • Jinou Trading LLC

    Established in 1998, Jinou Trading LLC provides a range of nearly ten-thousand products in its catalog available at favorable prices. This gives it a competitive edge and has become one of the most preferred suppliers of promotional gifts in Dubai. Business giveaways are a strong tool in building strong relationships with your customers. To attract new customers at an exhibition with printed shirts or key rings, or thank the existing clients with a quality pen, promotional merchandise will always be a remarkable advertising tool. Jinou Trading can provide you with the best advertising products customized with the help of its top designers of the team.

  • Steigens LLC

    Steigens LLC brings along innovative ideas to create your brand identity. It provides a huge range of promotional gifts in Dubai at quite affordable prices. It provides different customization options for the clients and promises to deliver the exact designs as required. The company also guarantees same-day delivery for some products. It is a leading supplier of promotional gifts, corporate items and exhibition items in UAE as well as other Middle East countries. 

  • Motivators General Trading LLC

    Motivators General Trading LLC is one of the top suppliers of promotional gifts in Dubai with a vast range of products in its catalog. They provide high-quality products and have a reputation for being very reliable. Some of the products offered by the company include power banks, speakers, cups, pens, hardware, gadget accessories, gift sets, feminine gifts, wallets, trophies, journals, wellness, and care products, etc, all customized according to your need.

  • Gift Suppliers UAE

    Gift suppliers UAE is one of the leading advertising companies in Dubai which provides many services and products related to the advertising industry. It deals with promotional gifts, advertising items, corporate gifts, etc. With a huge team of professionals, it has a huge customer base who have shown their trust in the company for many years. These customers include not only large firms but also small organizations that need to promote their business.

  • Belfast Trading LLC

    Belfast Trading LLC is a renowned company in the advertising industry. With over 20 years of experience in the marketplace, it has always helped its clients in creating a good image of their brands in front of the customers. It has a well-qualified team for the assistance of the clients. The company takes an active part in promoting sales and promotional activities for the client. It has a strong client base and never fails to impress them.


Promoting your brand just became easier! You just need to invest a little in these promotional gifts and corporate items. You can get high-quality items from the best suppliers of promotional gifts in Dubai, which are listed here. To reach out to these suppliers, visit atninfo.com where you can get all their contact information.