Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 Series set the Benchmark for Android Flagship Phones

In two days, Samsung will unveil the mystery of the latest generation of Galaxy S series flagship phones through the Galaxy UNPACKED event. Samsung has high hopes for the new S series, and the analyst agency Counterpoint expects to reach 40 million units in 2020.

At present, we have obtained the approximate specifications of the new Galaxy S20 series through various channels. As a benchmark product for Android phones, what new benchmarks does the new Galaxy S series set for 2020 flagship phones?

Improved 108-megapixel camera

Improved Camera

From the current news, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will use the main camera of 108 million pixels. Since it has been successfully used on Xiaomi CC9 Pro last year, this camera will naturally appear on Samsung’s flagship model.

According to different sources, in addition to the top Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra determined to use a 108 million pixel main camera, the S20 Plus and S20 main camera have 108 million pixels and 64 million pixels. What do you think is more reasonable?

Comparison of Samsung S Series

Besides, to optimize the camera’s low-light shooting capability to the greatest extent, based on last year’s 1.6-inch ultra-large pixels achieved in 4-in-1, Samsung also provided a 9-in-1 model, which is to merge 9 pixels into one The single-pixel size has been increased from 0.8 μm to 2.4 μm, and a 12-megapixel image is an output, greatly enhancing the ability to take pictures in low-light environments.

Samsung has filed a trademark application for “Nonacell” with the British Intellectual Property Office, where “nona” stands for 9 in Latin. The trademark application is classified into category 9 and covers products such as image sensors, electrical sensors, and cameras including image sensors. 108 million ultra-high pixels combined with the 9-in-1 model can take into account the high-brightness environment and the image quality of the low-brightness environment. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will have the best camera quality camera.

Samsung S Series in 2020

At the same time, last year’s market focus on zoom shooting capabilities will also continue to be the focus of Android flagship models in 2020. According to data, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will add a periscope optical zoom camera. The single-camera has a zoom capability of 5X, supports OIS optical image stabilization, and has a thickness of only 5mm. Combined with other cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can achieve 10X optical zoom and 100X hybrid digital zoom, and has 8K 30FPS video shooting capabilities.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship portfolio

As usual, the Samsung Galaxy S series will use two flagship chip configurations, Qualcomm Snapdragon and its own Exynos, corresponding to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Samsung Exynos 990 on the Galaxy S20 series. Of course, for other regions except for South Korea, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 will be the only option. In 2020, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with X55 external baseband will be standard for almost all non-Huawei 5G flagships.

Samsung S Series

Compared to the irreducible Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 platform, the choice of memory and storage is a controllable option for smartphone manufacturers. From the configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the upcoming Xiaomi 10, the memory uses LPDDR5, storage uses UFS 3.0 and even UFS 3.1 standards, which are the standard flagship configurations. As for the capacity, there are not many changes. 128GB / 256GB / 512GB ROM specifications are enough to cover the entire product line.


Essential high refresh rate screen

Samsung Galaxy 20 series also uses a punch screen, the punch position is in the center of the top of the screen. Today, under the screen camera artificial intelligence technology is not yet mature, the punch screen will be the most reasonable choice. As for the location of the hole punch, many manufacturers chose to use the upper left corner to avoid visual interference. The Samsung Galaxy 20 chose to be in the middle of the top, so as to avoid perspective deviation when taking selfies or video chats.

As a core supplier of mobile phone screens, Samsung will naturally use the most advanced AMOLED screens on its flagship, that is, it has the best resolution, color performance and refreshes rate.

The previously well-known digital blogger Ice universe guessed from the parameter settings in Samsung One UI 2 Beta that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will use a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The current high refresh rate screens mainly have two specifications of 90Hz and 120Hz, but from the 60Hz reference refresh rate adaptation point of view, 120Hz is the best choice for flagship phones with the high refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy S Series

At present, it can be confirmed that all three models of the S20 series use a 3200 × 1440 resolution AMOLED screen. Among them, the S20 will use a 6.2-inch 563 PPI screen, the S20 Plus will use a 6.7-inch 525 PPI screen, and the S20 Ultra will use a 6.9-inch 511 PPI screen. As for color performance, everyone should have enough confidence in Samsung AMOLED technology. Speaking of screen quality, Samsung should be worthy of any smartphone manufacturer.

Write at the end

Well, finally, let’s take a look at the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. This is the most comprehensive product design leaked at present. From S20, S20 Plus to S20 Ultra, the overall shape is not much different, but the recognition of the back camera is still relatively high. As the number of cameras increases to more than three, it becomes more and more difficult for smartphone back camera modules to have both practicality and beauty. But how to say it, you will get used to it after seeing it for a long time, what do you think?

In fact, with Samsung’s current performance in the domestic market, we don’t seem to need to pay much attention to its new products. But as a benchmark for Android phones, the Galaxy S20 series can tell us what a true flagship should have. In addition to the core platform, camera, and screen mentioned above, there are many details, such as IP68 waterproof, TOF camera, fast charging, large battery above 4000mAh and so on.