Use This Time of Quarantine to Upskill Yourself and Get Ready for the Future of Jobs

The current situation due to COVID-19 is taking a mental toll on many people’s health. The inability to talk to other people or daily commuting to work can become overwhelming and the new normal may not be suitable for all. It is, however, important to stay calm and face the ongoing situation with full spirits. The hidden opportunity in these tough times is the chance to upskill yourself and be ready for the trends that will dominate the hiring process in the job market. There have been times when professionals used to think about gaining new skills for their career growth but couldn’t take out time from their hectic office life. 

Conditions during the COVID-19 crisis are harsh on learning and render traditional training nearly impossible. Executive leaders can harness modern just-in-time remote microlearning to enable the upskilling opportunities they identify as supporting their COVID-19 recovery business objectives,” says Graham Waller, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner. Even before the COVID-19 situation, the McKinsey Global Institute in 2017 predicted that around 375 million workers, which make around 14% of the global workforce, would need to develop new skills by 2030 because of growing automation and adoption of artificial intelligence.  

The COVID-19 situation has, at present, turned the tables around and professionals have a lot of time to learn something new and do something better for their career. Whether you work in sales and marketing, finance, or eCommerce department, there are many ways one can upskill and validate their knowledge through renowned certifications. For example, professionals who wish to enhance their managerial skills can go for PMP certification. Similarly, someone interested in the field of IT Service and management can pursue ITIL 4 Certification and grab the attention of employers. 

The next concern is the preparation for any certification. When certifications are offered by the world-renowned certification bodies like the Project Management Institute (PMI), EC-Council, CompTIA, the Scrum Alliance, or the American Society for Quality, the preparation for them isn’t a cakewalk. This is where online training providers come into the picture. Designed specifically to suit the needs of working professionals, the online courses of such training providers are mentored by world-class trainers and can help you prepare for any desired certification. 

Training providers like Coursera, Simplilearn, LinkedIn Learning, and Udacity are some of the reliable eLearning platforms that offer online courses regarding a wide range of categories. These categories include Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Project Management, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Development, to name a few. You can decide which course to take based on your working domain or area of interest. 

Moreover, one of the other reasons to take such courses is the benefit that one can switch their domain after completing them. It is quite common to see dissatisfaction with jobs among professionals and their growing need to switch to a domain that better utilizes their strengths. Online courses give them a chance to learn something about a new field and explore opportunities in that very domain. 

The eLearning industry is growing rapidly and you too should leverage the opportunities it presents. The global edtech investments were a whopping USD 18.66 billion in 2019 and expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2025. Such investments are made in the form of language applications, online learning platforms, video conferencing tools, virtual tutoring, and more. All this has seen a considerable surge in usage since the pandemic started. Students may not be initially familiar with using such tools but eventually, it is what is going to help continue the learning process.