Using Birthstones in your Jewellery

The hues of different colors that are brought from the earth’s crust have a story to say. The depth from which they are brought to life is indeed amazing, the journey from being raw in mines to becoming that amazing bling on a woman is fascinating in many ways. For a long, they have been a part of a woman’s adornment ritual, not just women but men too.

Gemstone Jewellery is also a great way to put your style and personality into action, leaving apart the commoners, i.e. Rubies, emeralds, and blue sapphires other gemstones are lesser-known to us such as Tanzanites, Tourmalines, Opals, Citrine, Amethyst, etc. They come in hues of pink, red, sea blue, and purple. They have a lot of potential when it comes to accessorizing women. For example, gold Sui Dhaga earrings cannot be made heavily with gemstones, unlike the gold bracelets for men.

Here are styles to add a dose of gemstones into your daily adornment:

  1. Using birthstones as rings This is the best way to bring in a dash of color to your hands, use them in the compelling form of a ring, some birthstone rings are also said to bring in good luck, have healing powers and usher a lot of positivity on the adorner.
  2. Using birthstones as neckwear A fancy to flaunt your zodiac sign is using them in a concoction of gold and design to form beautiful neckwear. The stones such as tourmalines, Tanzanites, pearls, moonstone, etc. They can be 14KT or 18KT South Indian Jewellery gold chains with birthstone lockets. They look cool and ultra-trendy when layered up in 2-3 rows. The birthstone lockets and neckwear can be your go-to style on western wear, office wear, and Indian wear too.
  3. Using birthstones bracelet We all love charms, they are another explicit way to convey our tastes and preferences. From mystic stars to cartoon characters, from nature-inspired floral patterns to abstract motifs- the choice of charms can be unlimited. Adding birthstones as charms are a laid back minimalist style that you can adopt. You can either mix and match different birthstones into your bracelet or order it in your own birthstone color.
  4. Using birthstone earrings An easy way to include color into your accessories is by adding gemstone earrings. Not any gemstone but your own birthstone would be a better choice. The birthstone earrings can be of different models from beautiful colored studs to dangles of every shape, from gemstone hangings to gemstone drops- there are a number of ways you can design the earrings.

Most of the time you can find 14KT and 18KT birthstone Jewellery at any retail Jewellery shop. Alternately, you can also select a design online and get it custom made. They offer a great minimalist vibe, if you are someone who loves dressing up simple and modest, then birthstone Jewelry should be in your treasure chest.

From simple rings to bracelets, neckwear to earrings-birthstone Jewelry offers the freedom of multiple styling options, effortless to wear, ease of handling, and above all affordability too. With so many advantages, one must take a peek into birthstone Jewellery. It is also widely believed that wearing birthstones can bring health, happiness, and harmony to life.  They are also very cost-effective considering their lightweight nature and purity.

You can find several wholesalers and retailers too who sell loose birthstones, you can buy from them and get an entire ring, bracelet, earring, neckwear set and match them.