What is Google My Business? Importance and Advantages

When you are running a business, it is important to list it in every possible directory so that you can have as many potential customers flocking to your outlet as possible. Most of the directories have gone online and that is because most of the customers start their search for the businesses online. Gone are the days of the yellow pages where you would look up the numbers for the businesses that you’d want. Local businesses are always on the lookout to be discovered by the people and that is where Google My Business comes in.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that is provided by Google and it helps local businesses to create and manage their listings on Google. These listings appear in the search as well as Maps by Google. The business owners can share essential information like opening hours as well as precise locations and pictures of their business with their customers.

Why Should You List Your Business On Google My Business?

The latest statistics show that nearly 75% of the people search for businesses online before they actually head out to do some shopping or get any service. These statistics also showed that 70% of the people that purchased something from the market did so only after they had searched for the business online and had read the reviews.

You would want to capture these markets and not lose out on more than half of the customers and this can be done easily by listing your business on Google My Business and regularly updating your business with all the offers and events that are conducted by your business. This allows the people in the area to view your business in the comfort of their homes and interested customers can get in touch with the businesses simply by calling them up, visiting their websites, or visiting the physical locations. Millions of people around the world are relying on Google Maps to get from one place to the other and having businesses appear on the maps can provide an added benefit of discovery.

How does it help you in Business Optimization

We have already established that Google My Business can help attract more customers for your business. Now, it is time to understand how it can help optimize your business and help improve customer relations.

  1. Helps To Stand Out
    With Google My Business, you can share the latest news and offers with your customers. If your competitors are not doing the same, it will really help your business to stand out from the rest. You can also share other information that is important for your customers like, directions, opening hours, photos and offers, and an option to compare businesses. Having this information out in the open will help your customers to recognize your business as something special.

  2. Interact With Customers
    GMB also helps businesses to interact with their customers in a more direct way. After using the services or buying a product from a business, customers are known to leave reviews. This allows the customers to leave the reviews and share their experiences with other people on the internet. As the admin of the business, you can respond to the reviews, answer any questions that your customers might have, and also get calls from the customers.

  3. Create An Optimized Website Within A Matter Of Minutes
    It is often tough to create websites on your own. You could choose the easier way and hire a developer to create a website for you. However, if you do not want to spend a penny and want to create a website that is completely optimized for mobile devices, you can use the free website builder that comes with Google My Business. Digital marketing companies will help with the optimization, which will increase the sales or the traffic depending on your objective. You can set the entire website up from your mobile phone and even edit all the information that you want without even having to open up your PC.

  4. Get Access To Analytics
    You can even get the analytics of your website and business listing within the Google My Business tool. It also gives you the information that is important to understand how well your listing is doing like which picture is boding well with the customers or the various demographics that your customers share among themselves.

  5. Understand How Your Customers Find You
    It allows you to understand how your customers are finding your business and interacts with the listing. You will find out what your customers prefer, calling, visiting your website, or simply punching in the directions and showing up at your store.

Getting Verified On Google My Business

When you sign up on Google My Business, you can edit only so much of the information. There is a verification step involved in the process and until that is completed, the listing remains unverified and you will have to wait a couple of weeks for Google to verify your business on its physical location. After the verification process is completed by the owner or manager of the business, the full features of Google My Business open up for edits. Verified business listings are considered to be more reputable among the customers.

Take Advantage Of The Free Advertisement

Google My Business can be optimized to improve its performance on the search result pages. The best way to do so is to ask your customers to leave reviews as it highly increases the chances of your business being listed in the Local 3-pack that Google provides. Another thing that increases the chances include completing your profile and keeping all the information on your listing up to date. If your business is one of the three listed in the local pack, it will receive a much higher viewership since it will be displayed with certain keywords above the organic listings. Take complete advantage of this free advertisement without spending a penny out of your pocket. Simply follow all the rules and regulations that are laid down for Google My Business pages and your business will receive a boost of about seven times when it comes to link clicks and website visits.