What is the Right Age to Start Learning Karate?

Blacktown is a suburb in the City of Blacktown, located in Greater Western Sydney in New South Wales, state of Australia. The city is located 34 kilometers west of Sydney Central Business District. It is the largest township in NSW and one of the most multicultural places within Greater Sydney.

Blacktown boasts its wildlife park with parklands that are best for outdoor activities such as exploring and cycling. It also has a diverse arts scene and has sporting and recreational facilities. 

One of the sports locals enjoy karate, and you can always enroll your kids in karate classes in Blacktown as the city has plenty of good dojos. However, the question is, what age should your kids start learning karate? Read on, and you will find out.

The right age to start learning karate is one of the questions most parents have when they enter a karate school. The simplest answer to this question is, kids can start karate lessons at any age as it has tons of benefits to a growing child.

What to consider before enrolling your kids?

Karate lessons build the children’s character, allowing them to develop essential skills that they can use throughout their lives. However, you need to discuss the idea with your kids before enrolling them in karate classes. Kids are mostly motivated to try something new if they are part of the decision making. If you think they are hesitant or nervous to try it, let them watch a class first and let them decide if it is something that they want to learn.

The goal

You need to determine your reason why you want your kids to learn the martial arts. Do you want to enroll them in karate classes and get the training for competitive sports? Do you want them to become physically active? Or maybe they need a recreational activity?

Regardless of their abilities or age, a good karate school has a beginner class that suits any age. Talking to the instructor about your goals will help them determine how your kids will start their classes.

Advantages of starting at an early age

Karate has many advantages for kids. Aside from it being a fun way to burn some calories, karate also teaches them about respect, impulse control, and boundaries. Moreover, it also helps them increase their concentration, helping them to have better focus.

Most karate classes emphasize self-confidence, self-discipline, kindness, honesty, and respect. Hence, kids learn the following at an early age:

  • Character building
  • Physical development
  • Fitness
  • Mental focus
  • Goal setting

How to tell that it is too early for a kid to enroll?

If your kid is not potty trained yet, you can say that it is too early for them to take karate or other martial arts classes. However, the minimum age for the kids to enroll still depends on the dojo.

Some schools that teach karate classes in Blacktown start accepting kids ages four to six. At six, most kids can already learn and apply concepts like:

  • Telling what’s left and right
  • Understands empathy and know the effects of their behavior towards others
  • Listens carefully to the teacher
  • Speak when it is their turn
  • Showing proper manners
  • Focus on their lessons
  • Giving their 100% on efforts they make
  • Becoming reliable
  • Taking constructive and polite criticism

While there is no specific age for your kid to enroll in martial arts classes, learning karate at an early age provides many physical and mental benefits to a growing child.