Which Aged Care Courses is Better for Career Advancement?

Nowadays, aspiring learners have the liberty to choose a promising career in every possible field based on their individual preferences. In this regard, Perth is providing a lucrative platform to aspiring learners who have an immense fondness to spend quality time with aged people and who wish to take it up as their profession. Some of the best colleges/universities in Perth are offering a number of beneficial aged care courses to international learners so that they can attain their dream career in the aged care industry in a hassle-free manner. 

Some of the Most Popular Aged Care Courses in Perth for Career Advancement

Depending on the different learning needs of different learners, some of the best aged care courses which are offered by reputed colleges/universities in Perth can be considered below.

  1. Certificate III in Individual Support (Aged Care)

    Learners who are completely amateur about the aged care industry and wish to make a promising entry to the sector of community support and healthcare services can apply for the said course. The Certificate III In Individual Support (Aged Care) course teaches the learners about all those necessary skills and knowledge which are required to give complete support and care to the elderly people, to ensure a carefree and respectful life for them.

    When it comes to the duration of this particular course, it can be as short as 3 months and as long as 12 months. While studying this particular aged care program from a renowned academic institute in Perth, you will be equipped with a wide range of procedural as well as technical skills, which, in return will help you to make a promising entry to the aged care industry in Australia, particularly in Perth.

    In short, the primary motive of this particular course is to help you work in Perth, Australia as a professional aged care worker. 

    Career Outcomes

    After completing the course of certificate iii in aged care in individual support (aged care), you can expect to work as any of the professionals mentioned below. 

    – Support Worker
    – Personal Care Worker
    – Community Support Worker
    – In-home Respite Worker
    – Nursing Assistant 
    – Accommodation Support Worker
    – Assistant in Nursing
    – Field Officer
    – Home Care Assistant etc

    Remember, after the successful completion of this particular course, the learner will become efficient in providing care and support to the old and aged people within a typical commercial as well as residential setting. 

  2. Certificate IV in Aged Care

    The course of certificate 4 in aged care has been designed for all those learners who further want to upgrade their knowledge and skills about the aged care industry. If you want to take your experience of giving care and support to the aged people to the next level of expertise, then this course is the right choice for you.

    The chief objective of this course is to enhance your leadership skills to a reasonable extent, thereby, making you eligible to manage a number of supervisory job roles across a wide range of aged care organizations. While studying this course from a reputed college/university in Perth, you will learn to comply with the various legal and ethical standards within a typical healthcare setting.

    When it comes to the total duration of the said course, it comprises 26 weeks at the most including 8 weeks of workplace training as well as a holiday break. 

    Career Outcomes 

    After the successful completion of the said course, you can expect to work as any of the professionals mentioned below across a wide range of childcare organizations. 

    – Transport Coordinator
    – Service Coordinator
    – Senior Community Care Worker 
    – Personal Care Worker
    – In-home Respite Care Worker
    – Disability Participant Worker
    – Community Support Worker
    – Care Team Leader in Aged Care
    – Assistant Aged Care Coordinator and many more

    Also, this particular course teaches the learners to accomplish certain specialized tasks for elderly people to work successfully within a typical communal or residential aged care environment.  

Which Aged Care Course is the Best?

Well, after reading about these two Aged Care Courses in Perth, Australia, it can be said that both the courses are equally important for learners of different categories and also provide them a rewarding career ahead. The course of aged care III in individual support (aged care) is meant for all those learners who want to learn about the aged care industry from scratch.

The certificate IV in aged care, on the other end, is meant for all those learners who have already learned about the basics about the aged care industry and want to increase their skills and competencies about it further. So, without wasting time any longer, enroll yourself for any of these aged courses from Perth, Australia and attain your most awaited career in the aged care industry.