Window Dressing – Do’s and Don’ts for Modern Stylish Interiors

Planning a major interior redo in your home, office or any other residential or commercial building? It might be the best time for you to be thinking about a complete redesign for your interior. Window dressing is one of the more significant interior sections whether redoing it or not.

What goes on your windows in what style and colors are usually one of the most concerning debates for homeowners. Yet, there are some major do’s and don’ts that must be followed in order to get the best from windows in all settings.

Here are some Window Dressing – Do’s and Don’ts for Modern Stylish Interiors

  1. Do Go for Attractive Colour Themes

    Often, people think of their window dressings to be necessarily required in subdued dull colors. This is far from the truth these days. Modern interior themes can have attractive color combinations going across the room. This holds true for windows and window dressings as well.

    If you are going for roman blinds, for example, experiment with lively bright colors. Any windows blinds are available in different color choices. Very best ones are often those that do the best job of making your rooms bright or dark as or when required.

  2. Don’t Use Flimsy Week Window Dressing

    One of the mistakes many people make is to use a week and not so durable window dressing. This includes cheap low-quality window blinds or other coverings like shutters. Using affordable window coverings is one thing but when you do cheap ones, reliability is often a big problem.

    What happens with such vertical blinds or any other form of window coverings is that they lose their new look and feel pretty soon. Often, cheap materials give in sooner than they should. You would end up having to change your blinds or shutters in quicker time than you anticipated with such cheap options.

  3. Do Look for Sleek Elegant Options

    Windows blinds are often known to be some of the sleekest most elegant window covering options. These do not waste much space around window openings like traditional drapes and curtains. You should always look to replace large too big window coverings with sleek and elegant ones.

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    These smaller in size sleek roller blinds or any other form and style of window blinds will allow many other implementations. You can place tables, shelves, and other functional or decorative entities near them. As they take less space, they will allow the space to be used for other aspects of any room.

  4. Don’t Let Window Dressing Look Chunky

    While we are on the topic of keeping windows looking sleek, it is important to do it properly. Often, people go for shutters and drapes that look a bit too chunky. Other than that, some folks also place shelves, tables and other near window items that are too large.

    For small rooms including bedrooms, living rooms, and others, proportionality is much important. When you place shelves or tables near windows, the whole unit will stand on its own in terms of your interior design theme. Make it look sleek and elegant by using size proportionate items on and near windows.

  5. Do Go for Luxury Materials

    Wooden shutters, blinds, and other luxury window coverings will never get too old. Despite there being so many cheap alternatives, luxury materials provide something cost-cutting ones simply cannot. Luxury wooden blinds or shutters, for example, complete the look of any room in a rich elegant way.

    Metallic blinds can also look great when done neatly. Cheap materials including plastics and others may cost next to nothing but will fade pretty quickly. Natural colors of wooden blinds and shutters can be polished so many times before actually having to change your window coverings at all.

  6. Don’t Compromise on Fit and Finish

    Fit and finish for window blinds, shutters and any other types of coverings are of great significance. This is where all the luxury look and feel will be acquired. Usually, people make the mistake of fitting them on their own without getting any expert and professional advice or help.

    If you are somewhat of a handyman of your own, going ahead with this project might not be a problem. For people not having prior experience, things can get pretty messy. Even the slightest misplaced glue or any other hinges can cause problems. Best leave this to professionals and get quality fit and finish.

  7. Do-Follow Trendy Design Themes

    Instead of going for plain and boring shutters or blinds, going with modern trends always provides the best option. For modern roller blinds, roman blinds and many other options, you can even go for artistic designs. These can include picturesque prints or designs for blinds of many kinds.

    You can also add that bit of color and design accent to the overall interior theme with windows blinds and shutters. Contrasting and accenting colors or color continued themes with windows blinds are available. These can provide just the trendy look and feel for your windows that you need.

  8. Don’t Keep Same Window Dressing for Long

    Often, people tend to keep their window dressings for longer than they should. When you have quality materials like wooden or metallic blinds or shutters, those can stay for quite a long time. In all other scenarios like fabric blinds and/or plastic materials, changing them every so often is the best way to go.

    When your blinds or shutters are made from materials that can be cleaned often, go for cleaning when required. Any bit of wear and tear with color loss can make your window dressings look and feel dull and rather out of place. Be sure to change when you need to make your windows look bright.